Die Mortal: Kigurumi In the UK


Written by Siobhan Morrin
24 Monday 24th January 2011
If you’ve been out and about in London recently, you may well have noticed a niche but growing trend for dressing up as animals. A dinosaur charity fundraiser here, a cow on the tube there… It turns out this all has to do with something called kigurumi from - where else? - Japan. We caught up with London Kigurumi enthusiasts and creators, Die Mortal (Ceridwen Brown and Sofie Dodgson), who sidestepped the sexual aspect of the trend perfectly. Trendy and cool, not creepy and weird!   
So, how did you get into kigurumi?
We got into kigurumi a couple of summers ago when a few of our friends wore them to Secret Garden Party festival. Then we started noticing them around on other nutbags. We love the Japanese imports but thought it’d be cool to make our own. So we knocked up a pattern and started making them for friends - which got the ball rolling

From your blog, it looks like you make lots of stuff, not just kigurumi. How did you get into it? It must be a fun job!
Yeah, we run Die Mortal, a costume and props company making all sorts of stuff on commission for events, music videos, performers and individuals. We met working in the video game industry, but decided to jump ship to make monster costumes together. Working freelance on commissions, as well as the custom kigurumi business, means we get to mix things up a bit - we like doing a bit of metalwork and casting, as well as making fleece animal suits for lunatics! We’re having ridiculous amounts of fun!

What are your most popular kinds of kigurumi?
We actually made a really quick one out of our cut offs for a friend once and called it the ‘’.  He’s become super popular! All the Lava Bears that we’ve made are different patterns and colours, so they’re all unique and becoming a bit of a mascot for us! The ring tailed lemur is also very popular, but we try to make every one unique though, to keep them all individual!
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to make?
We’ve done a few costumes for computer games launches, which are always a bit weird - girls in tiny pink hot pants and oversized armour with swords bigger than them. To be honest though, everything we make is a bit weird out of context, like when we take the number 8 bus to deliver a pair of wings or a cow head. We also have an order for a vagina kigurumi, which probably wins the weirdest kigurumi award. Finding the correct fleshy pink fleece for that is gonna be fun.

Nice. Do you get many orders for sexy kigurumis?
All kigurumis are sexy.
Quite. Where and why do people wear their kigurumis?
They seem to be pretty popular as festival and party wear, and we know a few people that like to ski or board in them! I think mostly people just like lounging about in them - the baggy shape makes them super comfortable. We wear them as regular clothes though, to the corner shop or the park. Sometimes, the world just feels better when you’re a raccoon.

Do you consider yourselves part of the furry fandom?
We don’t pretend to be the animals we’re wearing, if that’s what you mean - but each to their own, innit. Most of our heroes are furries though - the Thundercats, Captain Bucky O’Hare, the Biker Mice from Mars and the Ninja Turtles (technically scalies, I guess).

Check out their crazy costumes, and be a bear for the weekend over at www.diemortal.com

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  • Guest: ayannalindseyc
    Sun 13 - Mar - 2011, 20:38
    how do i buy a ring tailed lemur kigu i cant find it on any common sites i live in the uk thank you x
  • Guest: admiral.snelson
    Tue 25 - Jan - 2011, 08:59
    Their shop is here too http://www.customkigurumi.com/