Digital Interiors: Pixel Furniture


Written by Betty Wood
15 Wednesday 15th June 2011

Last month we brought you an article on Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga’s pixel-inspired fashion designs, but it seems that the mighty pixel hasn’t limited its sights to the catwalk...they’'re invading your home too.

That’s right, MS Paint has come to your living room. These 8-bit inspired furniture designs are the brain-child of Barcelona born London-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga. A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, Cristian originally began exploring how natural and urban landscapes can be broken down to create unique discharges of colour on a canvas. By focusing on images until they become “infinitesimal geometric shapes” (what we’ve termed the ‘zoom-zoom’ effect) the overall form of the landscape dictates the pattern of colour that emerges from the palette. Or something like that. Here he's created a series of wonderful pieces of furniture that take this idea to a whole new plateau.

Now, we don’t know what landscape he pixellated to come up with these cushion designs, but gosh aren’t they lovely? Similar versions are widely available and highly popular (they even sell a knock-off-Nigel version at Wilko's) but these are the nicest example we've come across. And if you're ever entertaining and have an awkward lull in conversation, why not try a game of 'guess the original image?'

Slightly more ambitious is this square-bodied armchair (the pattern of which looks not dissimilar to Roger Hargreaves’s Mr Men no?) We wouldn’t mind one of these in the office, although the height of the arms suggests this chair is designed more for power-hungry tyrants to perch on over the ‘cosy-up’ comfort of sleep-deprived journalists.

What about a pixellated bin to mess with your sense of reality? Pop your 3D trash into this bad boy designed by BrittLiv and cut from painted plywood. Three- tone and with square edges, we do wonder if this design might not be hazardous for your bin bags... Bin-juice ahoy!

For a slightly more organic take on the computer pixel, we found these chairs designed by Studio Makkink and Bey. This Rotterdam based duo mix the architectural with the whimsical, creating design-pieces that would sit seamlessly in the gap between the Hans Christian-Anderson folk-tale era of entertainment and the rise of Pac Man et al. We wouldn’t suggest you try sitting on it for long periods of time though as let’s face it, it doesn’t look too comfortable.

Finally, ever thought of sculpting your own piece of pixel interior design? No, us neither, but if you were thinking about it now, how about taking inspiration from these nifty ‘spillage’ coasters by 35togo? Punch out random squares, or follow the designs to make your very own storm under a tea-cup.

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  • Guest:
    Mon 04 - Jul - 2011, 14:19
    I so dig the sofa and the pillows. Maybe not for my living room, but would be nice to have in the office. I am not too sure about those chairs though. Nice idea but they look really awkward. I think I really have to think about pixels invading my home. Thanks for the share. --