Do the Green Thing


Written by Siobhan Morrin
15 Monday 15th November 2010
Ever feel a little bit guilty when you’re scoffing that burger, jetting off on holiday or leaving the heating on all day? It’s hard not too these days with all the talk of being ‘green’. A lot of the time it can be confusing, with all the super-energy-saving, soil-friendly, grown-next-door products around. Handily enough, an environmental website called Do the Green Thing offers just the thing to stave off that feeling of consumption guilt. Alongside their blog (which has lots of green tips if you’re really keen) they are now selling ‘upcycled’ t-shirts under the name ‘Saved’.
The idea is that people send in their old or unwanted t-shirts to Do the Green Thing, who then spruce it up, embellish it with the word ‘saved’ and sell it to someone else. They’ve even got a few famous faces involved, so there’s a small chance you could be wearing a celebrity’s cast off.
It’s a fun idea, if a little unusual. The t-shirts might be a little cutesy for some, but they can’t deny that the thought behind them is good. Sure, you could customise your own t-shirt, but ‘Saved’ has a kind of story behind it. And at least you don’t have to feel quite so bad about your carbon footprint…
Saved t-shirts are available from

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  • Guest: slim_slim_slider
    Wed 17 - Nov - 2010, 17:35
    That is a good idea. I agree with you. There is a lot of guilt about the environment, yet a general feeling of paralysis when it comes to actually doing something about it. I think this is why some people simply dismiss global warming as a fad.
  • Guest: alex_cox88
    Wed 17 - Nov - 2010, 15:03
    Thanks for the article. Glad people are taking the green thing seriously! Well researched Siobhan!