Fashion for 2011


Written by Siobhan Morrin
10 Monday 10th January 2011

No Trousers

If you thought bare legs went out with Lady Gaga’s first album, think again. The Lady’s back with a new record, and if this artwork is anything to go by, a not-so-new penchant for avoiding trousers.

While we won't be seeing complete bottom-half nudity (we hope), trousers are now just an option. Leotards, bodies and hotpants will be the way to go according to the catwalks, and not just a look for women.


Looks like these Londoners are ahead of the game.

If you are wearing trousers, you should dispense with the belt and strap them over your shoulders instead. For men this season we're seeing a growing popularity in braces and suspenders. Gossip Girl and Wall Street brought them back to our attention, and Armani featured them for Spring/Summer.
Subs suspender belt
Even if you're one of those men not into keeping your trousers up, you can still get in on the suspender trend and keep that ultra-low look in place. Subs are apparently a genuine product, marketed for those looking for an 'urban style' (read: trousers below arse) but seeking the ability to run without falling over. Basically they're reimagined stocking garters for gangsters.
Animals is a trend that's not going away. From the subtle to the wild, 2011 takes inspiration from the whole kingdom.
Remember Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes last year? It’s not just prints, but entire creatures that are big news.
The panda hats of winter will give way to summer clothing, inspired by creatures from the catwalk.
Animal inspiration in these leg-shaped heels by Louis Vuitton.
This beach look might only be for the brave though:
Anna Dello Russo
2010 saw another wacky dresser and mega trendsetter Anna Dello Russo embracing fruit as clothing, and it was all over the catwalk for SS11.

Prada SS11
This is one the high street will be going, err, bananas for.
Try a pair of these tasty shoes:
This season sees a huge resurgence in headwear, particularly for men. Of course, Stephen Jones is a man who loves hats, and David Beckham has championed everything from headscarves to beanies, but this year headgear is for everyone.
Qasimi Homme, SS11
Cerebral adornments of all sorts made an appearance on catwalks, and some bloke from X Factor is bringing the look to the masses, with bookies offering 4/1 odds that he launches a range of hats. If this isn’t selling it to you, then take a look at this.
Hats - still the cheapest cure for baldness in the world.

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