Fashion in Film


Written by Siobhan Morrin
29 Monday 29th November 2010
This week sees the start of London’s Fashion in Film Festival, taking place across five venues during December. Don’t Panic looks at a few of the films on show, and makes a few suggestions for a DIY version…
The theme of the third Fashion in Film Festival is ‘Birds of Paradise’, featuring a range of early twentieth century productions. Audiences are offered the chance to see costume and spectacle as opulent outfits stream across the screen. There’s the chance to get dressed up at some of the special event screenings- costumes are compulsory.
Of the films on show, there are a few must-sees. Moulin Rouge, the 1928 original, will offer the contemporary view of roaring Paris. Costumes of the stage are juxtaposed with the equally intriguing view of the streets. Worth seeing, even if only to compare it to the new version.
Salomé, screened at the BFI Southbank, is another twenties classic. Based on the Oscar Wilde play, the interpretation is described as avant-garde, and the exaggerated acting was a break with convention. Watch it for a modernist take on a biblical tale.
Another film set in the revues of Paris, Red Heels offers close-up detail of the beautiful costumes. See this if you really love glitz.
And if you can’t make it down to the festival, here’re a few you can watch at home:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s- the gloves, the tiara, the glasses…and of course that little black dress. All in one film.
Clueless – Ah, the Nineties. The now outlandish clothes are just one of the spot-on details that make this film.
Atonement – The 1930s as seen from the 2000s. Beautiful detail, including that jaw-dropping green dress.
A Single Man – Sharp clothes and perfect colouring by Mr Tailoring himself, Tom Ford.
The James Bond series – Always includes at least one smart tux. Iconic styles, both for 007 and his inevitable female companions.
The Fashion in Film Festival runs from December 1 to 12. For more details see:

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