Galactic Clothing


28 Monday 28th February 2011

If you watched this footage shot from a plane of the Discovery shuttle leaving the earth for the last time, and you sighed a wistful sigh, then turn that frown upside down! Cosmos-print clothes are in this spring, so earthlings can be galactic, too.

For his 2011 resort collection Christopher Kane continued his reign of awesome with galaxy-print garments, featuring images taken by the Hubble telescope.

He did something similar for resort 2010, when he covered dresses in Ministry of Defense photos of nuclear test explosions. As he said then, 'I wanted something natural, but I'm so fed up with florals.' His t-shirts in sheer modal silk are the best, though if you haven't got the £200 spare for your own, then Silence Sweetheart explains how to make one yourself.

Kane kept the constellation inspiration for his Versus collection, which features fun but sophisticated doses of inky black and galactic glitter.

At his own line, he's calling his AW 2011 clothes the 'fluid' collection, so maybe he dropped the space theme. Unless, like, it turns out that supernovas have superfluid at their centre. Oh shit, they do!

If you'd rather accent than go head-to-toe galaxy, Peter Pilotto used a galaxy print on some of the bags they designed for Kipling. Their new collaboration comes out tomorrow, and from previews it looks like there will be a bit of galaxy there, too.

Even Jupiter is in on the trend, once again sporting our favourite accessory in the solar system, the bold South Equatorial stripe, having mysteriously covered up in icy clouds for a whole year.

And if dressing like the infinite frontier is too much for you, but you like the idea, then there's also D&G's eighties-revival star print. But we don't recommend it... this endless eighties thing is getting a bit old. You don't want to risk pulling an 'Orion' - he's been wearing the same belt for the last 3–6×106 years. 

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