Geek Sneaks


Written by Yusuf Laher
07 Monday 07th February 2011

Here's a look at five pairs of nerd-drooling designer sneakers we found lying around the Internet (and couldn't resist sharing).

Like the Twitter Nike hi-tops above, this Firefox-inspired pair was customised by designer David Reese, aka Brass Monki. On his site, his custom sneakers range from Google and Pac Mac, to Buzz Lightyear, Blink 182, V for Vendetta and Kick Ass (at £500 a pair, you might need dotcom cash).

These Marge Simpson SB Dunks were released in 2008. And besides looking awesome, they're extremely hard to come by. According to the legend, they were only released in Asia/Pacific territories. But thanks to the Internet, nothing is out reach. Hunt them down on eBay or some obscure Chinese website now! Like I did... 

From Return of the Jedi to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, what happened to Carrie Fischer is a tragedy. I mean, she's only two years older than Sharon Stone - the years, as they say, were not kind. This pair of Princess Leia Adidas originals celebrates Fischer's Jabba-the-Hutt-belly-dancer, geeky-cosplay, Halloween-costume-celebrated heyday.

These pimp-cup-runneth-over Adidas Forum Mids were commissioned by Universal Studios to coincide with the launch of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Needless to say, these bad boys are extremely "limited edition". Good luck out there!  

Gamers the world over have a soft spot for power-thighed fighter Chun Li. She's the video game equivalent of Jessica Rabbit! That's why these low key-looking Chun Li issue Nike Dunks are sure to be knockout.

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