Granny Rockers


21 Tuesday 21st September 2010

Old-school granny fashion has become the new trend for 2010, giving rise to a variety of crazes that we’d only expect from our grandparent. Grey hair, vintage cardigans, glasses and pearls were all things of the past, but now the younger generation have decided to shine a light on the styles of those aged 60 and above, giving granny fashion a new edge.

Buying clothes can be a nightmare especially on a tight budget, but you can now find the perfect outfit for this season saving you allot of hassle and money. All those old unwanted Christmas jumpers and cardigans granny gave, its time to get them back out. Not only are they the new hip threads, but also perfect MUST have’s for the cold weather. With his and hers vintage knitwear you’ll be spoilt for choice with the amount of selection, ranging from simple bows and crosses, to swirls, embroidery and more.
At first it was Rihanna’s raging red and shaven sides that we took a liking too, but now the grey hair craze has sparked up a storm. The love for grey hair has been initiated by a number of celebrities namely Kelly Osborne, Kelis and Pixie Geldof, despite the fact that George Lamb has been sporting the good old grey for some years, these famous faces decided to jump on the bandwagon and go back to the old-school. Normally people try their hardest to hide their grey and go back to black, but now it’s the opposite the oldies grey is the new cool!
We all thought glasses where something you wore to improve your eyesight or protect your eyes from the sun, but now they've become a fashion necessity along with knitwear and grey hair. From thin frames to half frames, rectangular or circular lenses the type of glasses you would have only seen John Lennon or Ben Franklin wearing in the 60s, but now there simply for general wear. Manufacturers such as Ray-Ban have managed to profit from the craze pricing Granny specs at a whopping £150+.
“It’s more granddad style with the oversized tweed blazer jackets and brogues. It’s cool I’m glad everyone’s not so focused on the 80s with the florescent colours. I think that style is harder to rock, but the granddad country style is easier to pull off”, mentioned Ms Cloonan, a local designer.
It’s safe to say nothing really gets old and even when its old, it’s really new. Similar to the 80s retro style bringing back the florescent pink and yellows, gym leggings and pumps, the vintage granny style has made a come back.
Who ever thought our grandparents’ fashions would be the next in thing?

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