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Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by h220430
30 Tuesday 30th August 2011

Main image: Ivy Chair

Balloon Bench

First off, what is your design background like? What made you decide that furniture and interiors were the sectors you wanted to focus on?

Me and Takuto both studied architecture in the past, so furniture design and interior design are something close to us. Furniture and building interiors are directly connected to daily life, so we believe if we could embed some messages within them,  we could generate a communication between the end users.

How did you and Takuto meet?

He is my college [university] classmate.

Mushroom Lamp

Although your designs are often fun & light-hearted, you speak about heavier issues relating to climate change, nuclear non-proliferation and urban interaction through specific pieces too. Why the choice to do so? And what role do you think furniture design can play in social advocacy?

We want consumers to consider some of the world's more serious issues with us, and feel it's best to represent that in a light-hearted way. Recently obvious climate change is affecting Japan, and I believe similar changes are also happening in your country. I am talking about problems such as global warming, drought, flooding from localized torrential rain with my design. In addition nuclear pollution is a serious problem in Japan. However, in the cities those issues are only on the news as if it is someone else's problem.

Crutch Table

We believe that there needs to be more communication. We think that the work we do enables h220430 to be a communication device for spreading awareness of bigger issues. Our work doesn't directly solve the issue of climate change or anything, but we hope that generating a dialogue can begin to solve the root problems behind it.

What motivates you to push the boundaries of design in the way you do?

Our creative motivation comes from the awareness of unreasonable things that happen around us.

Where do you hope to see h220430 going? How have people in Japan and beyond responded to the furniture so far?

We hope that it will be seen by people all around the world. Our works are already used outside of Japan, in places like France, Germany and Korea, and the dialogue is only beginning.

Silhouette Chair

Which designers and artists do you think influence the designs?

Really, nature. We learn a lot from the forms of nature.

How involved are you in the design process, from start to finish? Do you come up with the sketches and work on them with a team, or just with Takuto?

After coming up with the initial idea and a sketch we model it digitally, and then we move to the details. We try to develop it with the team. The contruction is then done by a team involving lots of people.


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