Written by Jade French
23 Sunday 23rd September 2012

This pig sculpted hair is part of a series of animal inspired up-dos. If Babe doesn't tickle your fancy then you can have anything from an elephant to a lion or (for the loyalist) a dog. Fictional animals can also get a look in - there is a Charizard inspired 'do which is particularly eye catching. Bright orange hair extensions: I CHOOSE YOU!

The classic ‘Two Face, One Head’ Style

Oh, you are clever! You mean that’s not your face? Because for a moment it was so realistic...

If you want to really get your mates laughing then this is the style for you. This is probably the easiest look to achieve as sculpting and height aren’t priorities here. Just angle three mirrors so you can see the back of your head, reach around with your trusty razor and get designing.

Alternatively, do your mates a favour whilst they sleep and shave it for them - they’ll thank you in the morning for your time saving initiative. These master-pieces can also be enhanced with clever use of hoods, pipes, false noses and more. For those dedicated to achieving style perfection there is also a tattoo option:


The ‘Eyecatching’ Style

Sometimes you get tired of constantly looking over your shoulder. You might spend hours worrying who is scoping out the back of your hair style on the bus. Days can pass as you wonder if your classic ‘Two Face, One Head’ style is being admired (especially if your vision is being impaired due to a strategically tied hood).

But don’t worry! There is a perfect solution: the literal eye in the back of your head. Of course, having no optical nerves, pupil or cornea this eye is pretty ineffective but, who knows, people might be so freaked out by your genius that they will approach you face-frontal and voice their long felt opinions. Opinions like “You sure look cool”.

The ‘Sweet Like Chocolate, Boy’ Style

For the unadventurous amongst us having a ‘chocolate’ hair-do usually means you’ve followed in the footsteps of trendsetter Davina McCall and her sterling work as brand ambassador for Garnier.

For others, those brave thinkers who dare to live outside the proverbial box, going ‘chocolate’ has a whole new literal level. Sometimes you can love your favourite chocolate or sweets so much that it isn’t enough just to eat them, they need to also become part of you. Hair sculpting gives this freedom to those with sweet wrapper swag. Although there is that age old adage to also consider: hair shouldn’t make you hungry.



As a child of the 1990s hair accessories were the bread and butter of any outfit - scrunchies, butterfly clips, bandanas, hair gems and as many bobbles as could fit in a pony tail. If this experience taught us anything it’s that sometimes you don’t need all that hairspray, clipping, sculpting and tweaking to create a cracking piece of hair design. So, there is no excuse- grab those clips and pegs because you can go as big (massive gold eagle mesh head) or as simple (clipping flowers to your mohawk) as you like.


And finally... Hat Hair!

For Him... and Her

So, you’ve tried everything - the animals, the flowers, the all seeing eye but you’re still not pepped up and new look fresh? Well, why wear accessories in your hair when you can make your hair an accessory? Enter Hat Hair, for the truely avant garde. This clever trend has bucked all the rules to create a meta-hair cut which is super aware of its chic look and post-modern connotations. When all else fails this is the go to look of hair design. Just ask Lady Gaga, she's beret cool.


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