Hidden Gems on ASOS


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Kate Bellm, ASOS
23 Monday 23rd January 2012

And so we trawled through their stock to give you some of the new brands on the scene that have piqued our stylish interests.

Main image: Aqua ad campaign AW 11/12

Monro open back playsuit / Parnassus low back dress


This Leeds-based brand snuck onto the ASOS site without a whole lot of fanfare, yet deserves a nod for its approached to fluid tailoring. Sitting somewhere between structured first date choices and the more daring ‘to be worn at events’ fare, their designs stick to quirky cut-outs and form-fitting shapes in fabrics thick enough to keep it classy. Backless dress fanatics, note their current ridiculous sale prices on the site.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Started up by three Kiwi friends in 2005, none of whom have a formal design background, this brand emphasises a laidback and bohemian aesthetic. For followers of fashion and street style blogs, the name may be nothing new, but this refreshing and consistently sexy design house has managed to cement itself in the minds of stylists, boutique buyers and trend-setters the world over.

Cropped fringe detail tee / Cotton knit print dress

Their pieces tend to be on the pricey side but hold the kind of unique appeal that can make them worth the extra cash. Case in point.


All the way from Indonesia, Maria Agnes’ dark and generally monochromatic label will please purveyors of the ‘black on black’ look. The lace, leather and often sheer fabrics in her autumn/winter collections stray more towards a rock-influenced feel, while she can lean closer to street wear when it comes to spring/summer.

Lush studded leather shorts / Zsa Zsa Zsu lace kimono

In both cases, her work is well-executed with just the right balance of embellishment and construction. And as is the way in January, the sale is still on.

Samsoe & Samsoe

Kalle quilted gilet / Alex denim shirt / Cupid pocket tee

Now onto the guys, and the ever-stylish Scandinavians. Danish brand Samsoe & Samsoe use classic shapes, colours and fabrics as the core of their collections. They snuck quietly onto the ASOS site and now offer up typically Danish minimalist design that carefully side-steps being boring. This is one for the preppier lads who want a classic look with high-quality workmanship.

Volklore Valliant tee / Parabird shirt


Created in 2009 by brothers Ben and Sam Giles, Volklore launched last year on ASOS proper, and earlier this month on the ASOS Marketplace. The colourful prints and patterns on their tees aren’t for the fashionably faint-hearted, but are meticulously screen printed with skill. If you’re looking for an update to a more classic wardrobe, one of their pieces is bound to be it.


Finally, this London & Hong Kong-based label comes in, all about simple cuts and uncluttered branding. In his own words, co-founder Mark Budd says “We’re not into putting the name all over every item” and this understated ethos is found all over their current collection.

Oversized parka / Striped tee and draped chino

Their quirky trouser construction and muted tees incorporate both effortless and relaxed styling with a touch of humour, and make Self look like one to watch on the site this year.


If you're a fan, which are some of your favourite brands on ASOS? We want to know of more gems!

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