Just Patronizing: The New Plus-Size Magazine


Written by Oly Beer
04 Monday 04th October 2010
Just as Beautiful magazine is launching its first ever printed publication this month, it’s the first magazine aimed at ‘full-figured women’, devoted to sizes 14 to 18.The magazine originally cropped up online as a free web based content three years ago, since then it has built a loyal fan base of  ‘plus-size women’. According to the Daily Mail, only models of sizes 14 or larger, are eligible to appear in the bi-monthly publication.
Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss need not apply. Dawn French on the other hand… Who wouldn’t want to see her in a saucy bikini, half eating a baguette?  Unlike the traditional scourge of women’s magazines, dieting tips and airbrushing are a big no, no. The publishers definitely think they’re onto something – apparently a ‘gap in the market’.
The magazine’s editor, Sue Thomason told readers in the issue, “If you´re a woman over Size 14, you´re likely to be stuck for something to read that doesn´t make you feel like you´re too big or 'wrong' because you´re not a Size Zero”.
Have the publishers and editor missed something though? For instance, calling the magazine, Just as Beautiful is not only patronizing but also damages the larger ladies self-esteem. It’s like saying, ‘Yes we know you’re big ’un, love. But, well, you’re just as beautiful’ (honest!).
One plus-size blogger stated, “If I wanted to be patronized I would go and visit my children’s teachers – or worse, my mother!!!!!!” She then had to excuse her self whilst she ‘vomitted in disgust’. Whether she’s bulimic or generally disgusted remains undetermined.
The magazine’s publisher, Ronnie Ajoku, told the Daily Mail, “the point of the magazine is not to make such a big deal about woman’s figures like other magazines do”. Ironically, it appears to have done just that and offers a side plate of alienation.
The magazine is bound to be successful though. The hype in the media (good and bad); the breaking of the status quo in magazines; the promise of plus-size celebrities ‘straightforward interviews’, I mean, what could go wrong? They’ve covered it all.
It’s not one for the guys to drool over any suggestive pictures though; this one is strictly for the bigger ladies, or is it? Lets consider the truth for a moment. The press are saying that its target group are too small, hmm, walk out your door and have a look, there seem to be more ‘plus-size’ ladies about then, well, non plus-size? I’m intrigued and I’m male. I’ll definitely be buying a copy, if not regularly. Even if it’s just to see Dawn French… in that saucy bikini.

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  • Guest: publisher
    Thu 21 - Oct - 2010, 10:20
    Hi Oly, I am Ronnie Ajoku, the owner and Publisher of Just As Beautiful Magazine. I would like to point out that Just As Beautiful is NOT changing it's name and will remain the UK's number 1 lifestyle magazine for the curvy woman. Clearly there is a market for Just As Beautiful Magazine and we will continue to offer curvy women a refreshing alternative to what is out there. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT JUST AS BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE IS NOT CHANGING ITS NAME AND THAT THE ONLY WEBSITE WE HAVE IS THE SAME AS ALWAYS: WWW.JUSTASBEAUTIFUL.CO.UK/WWW.JUSTASBEAUTIFUL.COM. Please disregard any malicious rumours. Thank you Ronnie Ajoku (Founder/Publisher, Just As Beautiful Magazine)