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Kid Acne: The Smoke Clears


08 Monday 08th November 2010
Concrete Hermit, the independent gallery and shop that creates, curates and showcases art, graphics and illustration have announced a new show all news works by Kid Acne. The show will include an exclusive line of products together with t-shirts, a sweatshirt and oil based screen prints. The show called The Smoke Clears is being held in Concret Hermet’s Shoreditch Gallery and will run from the 12 until the 27November.
Concrete Hermit have just opened their second outlet in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street which will sell merchandise by numerous artists as well as Concrete Hermit’s own products including books they’ve published. However during the Kid Acne exhibition in Shoreditch the central London venue will re design its window space and sell exclusive Acne products including Stabby Women Zine which is a 52 page postcard set with 250 on a limited run as they are embossed and numbered individually by the artist.  
The Shoreditch gallery is based on Club Row and the location has become an outlet to showcase and sell their own products as well as using it as a platform to support and show the work of local and international artists including Ian Stevenson and eBoy. The labels approach to presenting art is that it should be appreciated on a broader demographic, whether it be on a t-shirt, in the pages of a book or hanging on the wall. The gallery operates a program that sees new exhibitions every four to six weeks so its definitely worth going to have a look at Kid Acne’s new work which will include the oil based print Fox Girl.  
Brought up in Yorkshire, Kid Acne’s art career began at the age of 12 with an appearance on Rolf’s Cartoon Club. He spent a year graffiti writing and had a brief stint in hospital due to a bad acid trip, apparently “neither of which were related to Rolf in anyway”. His talent is globally recognised and his unique artwork has been exhibited throughout the world, everywhere from Sao Paulo to Azerbaijan. His signature style has customized anything from skateboards to high fashion – he previously designed a T-shirt collection for Prada. He has also created limited edition sweatshirt and t-shirt, produced by Concrete Hermit and will be available from £45 and £25.
The exhibition will see Acne return to London for his first solo outing of 2010. Concrete Hermit are said to be “really excited about this exhibition” as it will be the first show to link their original gallery to their new central London space.

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