Kobi Levi


Written by James Read
Photos and illustrations by Kobi Levi
27 Tuesday 27th September 2011

Your shoes are a lot more out there than most designs. Why aren't more heels more fun?

Each designer has their own way of creating, some are more serious and some are 'lighter'. I like to have fun with my works, and let the fantasy lead the way - but I'm very serious in the way things will be made and how the fantasy will be shown the best way

Olive Oyl

What drew you to shoe design, and what do you think shoes say about a person?

I've always like shoes - for the shapes and forms, not only for their purpose/functionality - and seen them as wearable sculptures. I like the shoes both on the feet as well as on display - art to look at and art to wear


What pair do you get asked about the most?

About a lot of them… Blond Ambition, Blow, Chewing gum - depends who's asking. Each person relates to or is curious about a different design.


Are you considering making any more shoes for men?

Yes, but men are less courageous with their look - so they'd rather see it than actually wear it

Bird 2 Mallard duck

Your birds series is beautiful. Are you a birdwatcher yourself?

Thanks. I'm not a birdwatcher… but I was so impressed while I was researching for images of birds for my designs that I couldn't choose one and decide to create a "mini collection".

Coffee? Porcelain version

All your shoes are currently bespoke or custom I believe. Any plans to put any of them into full production? And if so, would they still be as crazy?

I would love it if they will be more available for people, it is a big challenge. Of course "crazy"- that is a part of why create them. They are not 'shoes', they are art to wear.


What are you working on at the moment?

I'm not ruining the surprise, you'll have to discover it when the new design will be revealed.

Well, keep an eye on Kobi's site for more details

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