Laced Up London!


Written by Robert Foster
30 Monday 30th September 2013

Historically, getting your hands on a pair of rare exclusive trainers can be a really difficult process – unless you’re in the know, have a good set of contacts, and luck on your side; you’re likely to struggle to find the shoes you’ve been striving towards without biting your lip and dealing with an extortionate price.

As existing collectors, the kids at new online sneaker store Laced Up London remember how frustrating it was starting out - they understand that whilst there are a growing number of trainer enthusiasts with collections that would be the envy of most, some people simply aren’t aiming towards building up a gallery of rare footwear, they just want to get themselves some exclusive creps that won’t be sported by every other person on the street.

Laced Up London want to bridge the gap between the average joe and the elitist sneakerhead; they feel that whilst exclusive drops should remain limited, they shouldn’t be limited to the cupboards of the elite. 

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Take it away, Raekwon:

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