Lita: The Blogging Platform


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Rumi Neely, Carolina Engman, Nasty Gal
05 Saturday 05th March 2011

Nasty Gal December 2010

Nasty Gal Boutique December 2010

The 1970s trend predicted for spring, summer and beyond has been in the making for months now. Bloggers from all over the world have already been parading about in front of their lenses wearing that most-mocked and now most-coveted piece from the decade: the lofty platform.

This is the real deal. Eliminate all ideas of the Spice Girls-era Jack Union boots and welcome the king of the heel.

Shoe label Jeffrey Campbell is at the forefront of this blogger obsession, coming out with hefty wedges and heels season after season. Within days of release its Lita platform was selling out online at NastyGal, Nordstrom and Solestruck. Blogger comment sections were replete with all manner of 'help, I can't get the Glitter Lita, my life is over!' messages and the JC blog itself received a host of frantic pleas for re-releases. Now pretty much known as a blogger shoe, or even 'it' shoe, the Lita perfectly illustrates the blogger community's influence on consumers.

Carolina of Fashion Squad

Carolina Engman in the Lita

First off, pre-order press releases of the shoe are sent to top bloggers. Bloglovin's 2010 Blogger of the Year Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast and Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad were some of the first and most influential fashion bloggers to post about the Lita as far back as July. By the time they were available for general purchase a month later, searches for and purchases of the shoe had boomed (insert appropriate heel height/graph spike pun here). Although to some this shoe may look like a bit of a beast, it's pretty incredible to see how it affects those who aspire to the style prowess of their favourite bloggers.

Google traffic for Lita, set against Topshop shoes

Now, plagiarism came up earlier since the main design behind this shoe (and another of JC's successes, the Foxy) actually comes from Charles Anastase. Seemingly unbeknowst to most lovers of the Lita, its more extreme forefather is the Dungeon; however, with a price placed so far out of reach for most teen/early twenties fashionistas, JC wins out in terms of publicity and free advertising online.

Anastase's Dungeon

Now featured in clothing campaigns for NastyGal, Bik Bok and Wildfox it seems there’s no stopping the Lita. Well, not until its upgrade comes out.

Fashion Squad's Engman

To see more of Jeffrey Campbell's towering heels and wedges, check them out on Doll Boutique and Jeffrey Campbell.

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  • VanessaB
    Mon 07 - Mar - 2011, 20:10
    Gah, I DIE for this shooooe. And the new Skate too.