Moross vs. Firetrap


18 Monday 18th October 2010

Triangle enthusiast Kate Moross has announced that she’s hijacked some Firetrap chunky plastic watches and has emblazoned them with her signature graphics. Available in three colours, dull, dull and crazy, the watches are limited edition and will set you back £100 a piece, which isn’t bad considering the cheapest Firetrap watch will never be less than £50.

The collaboration was set up by IPR, and when we talked to Moross, she said that working within another brand wasn’t as constricting as expected and she was able to do whatever she wanted. When we asked her about the design choices she said “I wanted anyone to be able to wear them, which is why I had the two slightly simpler colour designs, but then I wanted people to be able to go crazy as well” as she gestured towards the burst of psychedelic that is the pink watch design.


To celebrate this coming together of two creative spirits (it's almost biblical) Firetrap held a party, and we had nothing better to do on a Wednesday night so got our Don't Panic butts down there. The night was a blur of psychedelic cupcakes, cocktails, nails, drag queens and awkward paparazzi moments. When we arrived music was blaring and canapes were being shoved in fashionistas' faces. 'Celebrity' guests included the likes of The Saturdays, Alisha White and Jodie Harsh. Although no-one was dancing the music was surprisingly good, with now solo Kele Okereke spinning the decks.

After getting over-excited due to excess pink icing and alcohol consumption and inhaling enough nail polish fumes to knock out a horse, we managed to piss off every photographer there and a number of fellow invitees just to be sure. We also managed to chat with camera-shy Moross herself who was hanging around in a back corner of the shop, away from the paps. She had on her wrist one of the charcoal grey designs and was covered in 3-sided accessories. She said “it didn't take me very long, I just threw it all together you know? It seemed to work”. When we asked about why so little had been made she complained that she only got three herself. I don't know what she's moaning about, I don't even have one (my attempt to steal a celebrity goodie bag failed miserably).

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  • Guest:
    Sat 23 - Oct - 2010, 22:32
    Could you be dripping with anymore disdain? Don't worry, you are in good company. Miss Moross, can you hurry up and have "your time" (pardon pun) over and done with? I bet even YOU are bored with silly triangles by now.
  • Guest: christonabike
    Tue 19 - Oct - 2010, 11:47
    "my attempt to steal a celebrity goodie bag failed miserably" what's this? a shade of modesty? tut tut, what WILL the hipsters think