Written by Marlon Dolcy
15 Monday 15th November 2010
Men and even women have been rocking the ‘tash for centuries, but in this modern day society it seems to be dying out. I think this started in the late forties when Satre claimed that, “men with moustaches were not to be trusted.” And with so many dictators sporting the ‘tash from Sadaam to Mugabe, the moustache has fallen out of fashion.
However in recent years this has changed, and the moustaches has made its way back into fashion circles. Models on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and London have been wearing the latest moustaches from Gucci, Vuitton and Moschino. And celebrities from George Clooney to Megan Fox have been appearing on the covers of Vogue and the like, to show off their ‘tashes.
This month is an important month in the moustache calendar. This month is Movember, where men from across the world, grow moustaches for the entire month. The end product serves as a ribbon to raise awareness and funds for the number one cancer affecting men: Prostate Cancer.
Unfortunately, the start date was the first of the month where you were supposed to start clean shaven then grow your tash from then... but it is still not too late. Our style experts have given us the latest line of fashionable ‘tashes that you can grow to support this remarkable charity:
The Mexican Revolutionary
The Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa look are the epitome of the handlebar moustache and the high end of moustaches in general. The look is hard to cultivate but if pulled off you will be the envy of many throughout your country.
The detective moustache
This ‘tash is similar to the above, but the difference is you let the ends hang down to the corners of your mouth. Victorian gentlemen and 70’s detective shows and films often had protagonist sporting this style. Wearing mirror style glasses also goes with this look. It is a dynamic style but the problem with it is that you might end up trying to solve crime. Famous wearers include The Beastie Boys in their Sabotage Video, Tom Selleck in Magnum PI and Kevin Loyd who played DC Alfred “Tosh” in the Bill. However it is also associated with evil dictators such as Stalin and Sadaam Hussein (see below)
The Dictator Moustache
This is pretty easy to do but be careful in stressing to people that you are not anti-Semitic or racist towards white farmers, as the two most famous wearers of this type of moustache Robert Mugabe and Adolf Hitler obviously were. If you do find yourself on the other end of a liberal tirade, please stress that lovable commie Charlie Chaplin also rocked this style.
The Salvador Dali
Much like the pencil moustache, this is based on the famous Spanish Artist. Recently that really stylish man Robert Patterson played Dali in a movie, and was quoted as saying he took on the role because he wanted to wear that particular style of moustache. Justin Bieber also tweeted that one day he too will be able to grow a moustache as good as Dali’s.

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