Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by AngelBeat
08 Wednesday 08th February 2012

We caught up with the recent design graduate to find out what inspired the line and what he’s got planned for the future.

You've just graduated from Shih Chien University and already have your first collection out. How long were you working on Tridulum (Spring/Summer 2012)?

I spent about five months putting together the Tridulum Collection, I think. I had to get through coming up with the concept first, then onto the pattern-making. After that there was still the computer process to deal with, the digital printing, shooting the photos etc.

We can see that colours, shapes and forms from nature directly informed the collection. Can you tell us more about your inspirations?

I’m kind of inspired by music, by the places where sound waves and symphony music cross into one another. It runs parallel to a comparison between the spot where technology and nature meet for me, and is important to my work.

How does your upbringing in Taiwan affect your work? Do you think you could make similar designs anywhere else in the world?

That’s an interesting one because it’s so instinctive for me; I don’t really think about it. I just try to make my design describe and explain what I think about and a lot of that comes from local sources and resources around me. I tend to connect my experience with my environment when I approach the design process.

When did you first notice your passion for fashion and design? Which other designers/artists do you look up to?

When I started at Shih Chien Uni, I did not have a passion for fashion but for industrial design. Then I saw the collections being created all over the world, and knew I just wanted to design the things I care about it. As far as influences go, now I focus on the space I’m living in; I don’t particularly look up to anyone special.

How did you meet AngelBeat, the photographer who shot the Tridulum lookbook?

He is one of my friends; we’re kind of like brothers! He is a best photographer that I’ve ever met in Taipei. Basically I love his photography work, so I asked him for help to shoot the look book.

What are your plans for showing the collection? Any plan to come over to London, New York etc?

For the moment I’m not going anywhere, but I’m still showing Tridulum on the website. I think maybe when I have enough collections, then I’ll start thinking about going to London and other places to show them.

See the whole collection on the Noumenon site and find out about online stores that stock the collection here.

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