Pauline Borca


07 Monday 07th March 2011

Tell us about the 'adventure' concept behind your collection.

My collection is about a love meeting between men and women who live inside the earth, but it's also a theory (called the hollow earth theory) where an explorer succeeds in traveling into the earth to meet some weird species.

I love the man's cardigan with the 3D houses – how was that made?

The cardigan is made with printed cloud fabric, and at the bottom you can see embroidery and houses – architectural mock-ups (the roof is made by piece of red leather).

Did you teach yourself to crochet?

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was young.

Do you wear these pieces?

No, definitely not. My style is most of the time very simple and minimalist.

Do you plan to design clothing as a career and what are your plans for the future?

Clothing design gives a very stressful time to the designer due to the need, each season, to create a new collection. I prefer to focus on individual pieces and take my time to do it. So, I will build some new projects that mix video and textile art.

Can we buy your clothes?

No, I don't sell my clothes, they are samples and some of them take a very long time to realize, like the embroidery landscape dress. It took me one month (days and nights) to do it.
I could try to produce them, but it would not be the same without the architectural mock-ups and hand made embroidery.

This is true, but though Borca won’t wear her pieces herself, we think looking like a distant hillside could catch on pretty easily in London. Check out Borca’s website at

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