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20 Monday 20th September 2010
In light of PETA’s recent uproar against the infamous dress made of steak donned by none other than Lady GaGa at the VMA’s, we thought we’d outline their best attempts at bringing down the fashion industry. GaGa was also shown on the cover of Japanese Vogue Homme in a bikini made purely of red meat which also prompted furious responses from animal rights campaigners who claimed that she “probably smelt of rotting fish under the lights”. Yes, the war between PETA and the fashion industry continues. Don’t Panic looks at the battle so far and how Vogue have retaliated to some of PETA’s classic attacks.
American Vogue
Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief at American Vogue and dubbed by some as ‘Nuclear Wintour’ for her somewhat cold demeanour, has never been shy of running pro-fur editorials and fur themed photo shoots. She launched a hunting article in Vogue Homme entitled ‘Bloody Good Fun’ and features fur in some sense or another in almost every edition of American Vogue.
This has, of course, caused upset among vegan-eating, animal-loving campaigners and Wintour has made herself their number one target. In 2005 Anna got ‘pied’ by a protester but did not seem to be phased as she then famously announced that “tofu is good for the skin”. PETA launched a foul-smelling perfume called ‘Wintour’s Viscera’ which is an acronym for Vixen, Impaled, Stomach, Carcass, Entrails, Rotting, Aroma. Each bottle allegedly had a fake rotting maggot inside. She’s had to deal with a dead racoon dumped on her plate at the Four Seasons, red paint splattered up her house and constantly getting called ‘Fur Hag’. At Vogue’s Christmas party Wintour retaliated by sending down a plate of rare roast beef to chanting protesters outside. PETA then launched an ad campaign just in time for Wintour’s “Lifetime Achievement” which featured the most unflattering possible photograph of her with the slogan ‘Fur is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People’.
However their profuse attacks do not stop the Editor in Chief as she has stated that, “Fur is still a part of fashion so Vogue will continue to report on it”.
French Vogue
Carine Roitfeld, the Editor behind French Vogue has made it quite clear she’s got Anna Wintour’s back. After the ‘pie-ing’ incident of the American Editor, French Vogue made a pretty big statement by running an editorial featuring model Rachel Zimmermann walking through the street drenched in enormous animal skins whilst sticking her finger up at PETA protesters. The editorial was fittingly called ‘Fur is Dead’. Roitfeld admits she likes “pushing idea’s” and like Wintour is not afraid to feature the material in her magazine. In August of this year French Vogue featured Daria Werbowy on the front cover dressed in a fur coat despite it being the middle of summer. It was seen as another ‘Fuck you PETA’ statement. Again campaigners fought back, they stormed offices in France wearing leg traps on their feet. Carine Roitfeld had the sleeve of a goat fur coat cut by anti-fur crusaders and she reportedly called herself a “fashion martyr”.
British Vogue
This is a different story. Editor Alexandra Shulman claims that, “British Vogue does not feature fur” (except in advertising which is out of her remit). Despite this, she claims “Other environmental and ecological issue’s seem to be prevalent in peoples minds”, so is anti-fur campaigning a bit dated? In 1994 Naomi Campbell featured in a PETA “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign however last year the once PETA poster girl teamed up with furrier Dennis Basso in a campaign where she was drenched in fur. So are people becoming less bothered? With convincing imitations of fur coats appearing all over the high street this season, should PETA be worried? Perhaps they will perform one of their infamous catwalk take-overs at London Fashion Week this week. We’ll see…

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