Plastic Fantastic


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Garance Dore, Luxirare, Carolina Engman, Caroline Blomst, Gala Gonzalez, Christine Lai
21 Monday 21st March 2011

Let's first usher in the strange and potentially dangerous transparent bag. Now, this is essentially an update of carrying around your phone, lipstick and cards in a Morrisons opaque plastic bag. That may be a slight exaggeration, but the Jil Sander acetate bag has become something of a Big Deal over the last few weeks when really it just looks like a red tinted sack made of PVC plastic.

Sported by top bloggers from the Blonde Salad, Fashion Squad and shot on Mr Newton's street style blog, Sander's £90 bag is a clear (ha) way of saying you not only have money to burn but aren't bothered by anyone seeing just how much of it may be in your bag. Muggers worldwide will rejoice if this one catches on, since it eliminates all that pesky business of snatching the bag in the hopes that it contains something pricey enough to re-sell. Now you can just look right in and toss the guess work out the window. Brilliant.

You can take the tinted bag and push it even further by going for something completely clear. Chanel and Swedish brand Ordning & Dega have both recently released two clutch-like purses that are perfect for storing your stuff in plain sight of everyone on the street. Chanel's little cassette bag at least comes with a degree of retro charm.

Ordning & Dega on the other hand offer up something that looks more like it was designed for storing office documents in. Your iPhone and loose change will never have looked so bookish.

Finally, you can go south with the trend and nab yourselves some clear PVC shoes. I haven't seen the likes of these since jelly sandals in the early 1990s (remember that craze?) and just about any strip club scene from The Sopranos. The see-through shoe gets a revamp by pairing it with a jewel-tone pedicure and not wearing any other clear accessory at the same time.

Designer and blogger Christeric even shows how to DIY, and turn a trashy clear heel into a Fendi knock-off. Not bad at all. Clearly, this is one for the sartorially brave and unashamed. Get those tools out to craft some of your own.

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