Plastic Makes Perfect?


Written by Siobhan Morrin
12 Sunday 12th December 2010
A natural beauty? Not at this pageant. Casting aside any pretence that the beauty pageant should celebrate women as people, Miss Plastic instead casts them as molding putty for the surgeon's artful hand. Giving a chance to those not born ridiculously good looking, with chiselled features and perfect bone structure, the contest instead celebrates the calibre of cosmetic surgery they've had.
As if judging women for their appearance in a bikini wasn’t enough, Miss Plastic 2010 awards prizes specifically for cosmetic ‘improvements’. A medical certificate proving the cosmetic surgery is required to enter, and collagen and Botox just aren't enough to qualify.
This month Hungary hosted the beauty contest, with the winner, Alexandra Kocsis, going on to compete in Miss Plastic Universe.
The winner, Alexandra Kocsis, who won on the basis of her boob job.
Prizes are awarded for the surgery that, ironically, looks the ‘most natural’. The women can win big prizes, including an apartment in Budapest. Marks are awarded for the quality of the work done, and the surgeons are also awarded prizes.
Beauty pageants are definitely a dated concept, so is this just flogging a dead horse with a bad idea? Or is it the logical extrapolation of Miss World?
While it’s certainly odd, the contestants in Miss Plastic don’t actually look as strange as you might expect, as we’re on the topic, we thought we’d use the opportunity to take a look at a few cosmetic procedures gone a bit wrong…
And of course:

Find more about the contest here

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