Pop Ya Collar


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by ASOS, Eleven Objects, Noel Vallens,
26 Tuesday 26th April 2011

Peter Pan Collar by Purlesque Craft Boutique

First up, we've got the classic Peter Pan collar. You definitely would have seen this one cropping up on Topshop-loving girls this past winter, when it was attached to all sorts of empire line dresses. The sixties vibe of those long-sleeved minis now has a revamp since you can just throw the collar over whatever you like.

Crochet Collar by ASOS

ASOS are blazing ahead with a mini range of the little details right now, and these will be sure to please any of the indie girls out there with a sharp fringe and soft spot for all things vintage. Since the idea of a detachable collar originally started out for men, it's nice to see women re-appropriating the look on their own terms.

Leather Collar by ASOS

Lace and leather are also great for updating this look, and adding an extra quirk to plain white tees, or printed blouses. The tough texture of a leather collar fits in pretty darn nicely with that whole tough-luxe look for spring that's been picking up momentum on the streets already.

Lace-Trimmed Wing Collar by ASOS

Next up, the wing collar sweeps in. This is a bit more of a dramatic and formal look, for those who really want to pay homage to the original detachable collar's tone. The key here is to keep it white, crisp and highlighted with a bit of gold button detailing. Ya know, if you're out to impress and whatnot. Otherwise, make a nod to the heavier elements of dog collar embellishment and nab this studded number. Note: this is not one for the faint-hearted/vegetarian. Real calf skin, a leather clasp and skin scraping studs will only fit a wearer who means business.

Calf Hair Brass Stud collar by Eleven Objects

The true pièce de résistance, though, has got to be these UV sun protection collars for men. That's right, guys, you can finally protect your necks from the sun while looking cool. Wait, did I say cool? I meant ridiculous.

Sun Protection Detachable Collar by Sunsibility

Apparently wearing this UV-reflective collar/poloneck will not only keep your neck snug in the burning heat, but also catch any stray food or liquid that you may be dribbling. Good for those days you might spend lounging on the beach: shirtless, beer in hand, collar ready to catch any stray ice cream droplets.

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