Punk Watches


Written by Jack Blocker
04 Thursday 04th April 2013


This one makes perfect sense. Milo has a PhD, and I'm gonna hazard a guess that he wears a watch. Maybe even every day. The watch is called Timeage, which is actually a pretty smart pun. For a pretty smart band.

Bad Religion

Also rocking a member with a PhD, Bad Religion have been in the game a long time. That counts as a watch pun.


I love Blink-182. There I said it. I think I still listen to Dude Ranch on a weekly basis, and I would go so far as to say it's one of my favourite albums. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Tom DeLonge started dressing like Jared Leto's older, fatter brother. So now here's this day-glo nightmare watch to remind you of this sad turn of events. And hey Vannen Watches, here's some tight strap lines to push this fucker, because I'm sure as shit the design isn't gonna have it flying off your shelves:

What's the time again?

All the small (minute) hands

Ok, so go buy these here.

Here's a pre-watch era Descendents being rad:

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