Right wing MILFS


28 Tuesday 28th September 2010
Christine O’Donnell’s unlikely win in Delaware resulted in surprise among many since she was considered so far right she was ‘unelectable’. The Tea Party are right wing republicans that says yes to guns but no to the teaching of global warming as the “Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God”. They oppose gay marriage, homosexuals in the army and are anti-abortion. O’Donnell, who believes that masturbation is a sin, is backed by Sarah Palin and on Tuesday won 53% of republican votes.  
Despite their somewhat radical beliefs, if we were to vote purely on looks, the right wing would certainly win. Give me Sarah Palin’s red leather jacket over Hilary Clintons shameful rainbow trouser suits any day. In this celebrity-obsessed culture, people judge others on looks before anything. So it’s particularly important for a woman in politics to get it right. After all, you wouldn’t want your president looking like Ivana Trump. We look at the debatably stylish Republican woman in American politics.
Sarah Palin
Palins image of immaculate make up, a saucy up do and chic suits was created from a massive budget. The Republican Party allegedly spent $150,000 on her wardrobe, making sure she was always dressed her best. They spent literally thousands of dollars on designer gear at the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and over $4,000 on her hair and makeup. She ditched the ‘hockey-mum’ look for professional power woman.
She was famously mocked by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin told her she was ‘way hotter in person’. Despite looking the part she was criticised for her high-end retail shopping sprees since the Republicans were trying to relate to the working class. So it didn’t go down to well when it was revealed that her fashion budget was more than four times the median salary of an American plumber. Everyone loves a bit of hypocrisy, politicians and their expenses eh.
Christine O’Donnell
Dubbed by the media as ‘Sarah Palins Teabagger Clone’, it is no surprise that republican woman who is anti-masturbation and promotes chastity dresses rather reserved. Still, like Palin she rocks the sexy librarian look, with neat hair, glasses and suits. In fact O’Donnell seems to have modelled her entire look on Palin and there are some uncanny resemblances. Perhaps she’s using her pretty face in her favour­, one political blogger posted that “She is very good looking and will get many votes through that alone.”
Meghan McCain
Ok so she’s only 23 and technically not a MILF but outspoken daughter of republican candidate John McCain deserves a mention. The pretty blonde is know for dressing a little less conservatively than her fellow right-wingers. Despite being republican she does not share the extreme views of the Tea Party, nor does she share their taste in fashion. She once claimed that her inspiration for her style was the Burlesque dancer Dita Von Tease saying “I know its not someone you would expect the daughter of a Republican to like, but I love they way she dresses.”
Her fashion sense is not always viewed in a positive manner, branded as having “stripper blonde hair” she did not help herself when she posted a “bosomy” photograph of herself on twitter. The photograph was later taken down but she defended it, saying “apparently anything other than a trouser suit and I am a slut”. Nonetheless Meghan continues to wear what she likes. She was seen recently on NBC wearing sky-high leopard print stilettos and a tiny black dress. She was promoting her recently published tell-all book Dirty Sexy Politics. It reveals her views on Sarah Palin, along with style and beauty insights from form a political perspective. It’s been criticised for being a trashy read.

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