Sandwich Jewellery


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
25 Monday 25th April 2011
Did you know British Sandwich week is coming up in mid-May? Yeah, neither did we, but we thought we'd take a look at some of the most stylish sandwich jewellery anyway. These little guys are ideal for anyone who wants their accesories to make other tummies rumble, or to just share their love for baguettes with the rest of the world. In a suitably quirky way, of course. Some pretty intense craftsmanship goes into making these little wonders too, so we're giving their designers from across the pond a nod.
Meatball Sub earrings by Ashley Conlon
When it comes to sandwich supremacy, Etsy is the one-stop shop. Those nimble-fingered miniature artists have all sorts of tasty-looking earrings on offer, and toe that line between cute and creepy really well. If the idea of mini subways hanging from your ears sounds appetising, then these will please. You can go for meatball subs like the ones above, or stick to the more traditional ham and cheese.
I Heart Grilled Cheese earrings by MouseMarket
Nothing quite beats the comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich - unless, like these, it's inedible. This popular style could show the world that you're not really the fussy type and are happy to enjoy the sort of meal more often devoured by kids. There's a sweet playfulness to these, that treads a fine line between totally tacky and adorable.
BLT earrings by Betsy Etsy
Now, the BLT is one that most people will understand the pull of. This classic mix of super-salty bacon and the sweet burst of fresh tomato is like music to the ears of a sandwich fanatic. These designers have really gone for it, trying to capture all that detail of the crispy lettuce mingling with gooey mayo and those tangy rashers. Hello. The peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich translates well onto these studs too. Just beware of toddlers trying to lick your earlobes (or peckish adults, for that matter).
Peanut Butter & Jam earrings by Dirt Road South
As if this weren't inspiring enough, more mainstream artists have taken the notion of sandwich art into a totally new domain. I mean, the earrings are all very well and good in terms of aesthetics, but once they've got your tastebuds all riled up what are you meant to do? Simply, make like one of these lot and do what your parents always berated you not to: play with your food.
Nike Air Max 90 Burger by Olle Hemmendorff
Turning sandwiches into edible art re-injects the foodie's passion into feasting with your eyes and mouth. Just take on this Nike trainer burger, for starters. You know you've always secretly wished your laces would just turn into little bits of cheese for nibbling: don't deny it.
Loch Ness Bagel by Mark Northeast 
Otherwise, conjure up the legend of the Loch Ness with this bagel-based creation. I get the feeling this one's meant for kids, but I'm already planning one of my own. Too much to stomach? Then just dial 999. 
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