Sexy Sweaters


Written by James Read
03 Monday 03rd December 2012

Okay, so the obvious question - how's progress going on getting some designs on sale?

I'm workin' on it! I ordered samples from one company in Russia and I'm about to order more from another Russian company and  probably one in China. When I get the samples I can pick which manufacturer to use, then my plan is to put them up for presale on and turn the site into an online store.


I'm guessing there might be some copyright issues? What designs are you planning on? Current favourites or new ones?

I've been posting designs I've made on Facebook recently. If you're friends with me on Facebook go through my wall pics until you find them. I want my first line of sweaters to be crazy ones, not ones that just anyone would make. I want them to be VERY me. My favourite of all time is the Damien Hirst diamond skull design. I have to get that one made.


Have you had any printed up for personal wear?

No, but when I get my samples I'm going to wear all my sweaters every day and I'm gonna look so fucking hot.


What were you up to right before you did this interview?

I was making a song and then I was like "Fuck it's not that great" so I stopped and I started listening to this playlist I made. And now I'm sitting on the floor in my room and my kittens are scratching and biting my arm.


You used to run Sexy Sweaters with Greta Gibbens - is she still working on the site too?

No, she's gone for good.


Got any other projects in the pipeline?

I make a lot of music, you can listen to some of it on Soundcloud.

So, you were in New York a couple of weeks ago, how was it?

Really fun, I want to go there again. When I was there I worked at Ford Models and designed clothes for them. I also Photoshopped a couple of pictures for them. I was going to make a video for their site but I had to go before I could make it. I also met with Nicola Formichetti when I was there, and his photographer took my picture at his studio so that was really fun. I love New York so much. I felt much more at home there than I do where I live now (in Poulsbo, WA).

See more of Alec's designs at

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