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Written by Hatti Whitman
Photos and illustrations by Maude & Tilda, Toxic Fox, Lazy Oaf, happyfamily, Tate, British Museum
09 Monday 09th January 2012

Maude & Tilda

As you can see above and in the main image, Maude & Tilda’s bags are rude and knowing enough to make any fashionista smile. You can choose what colour bow you want, and with an array of fashion-savvy slogans every girl with a heart that says high-end and a bank balance that says high-street will find something here that appeals to her sense of humour. Our favourite slogan? ‘Everyone thinks Tom Ford is cool (even Jesus)’. Yes please.

The T-Shirt Store

Just one of the great products from the über-cool Swedish concept store, this bag takes an uncompromising stance on environmental issues. Perfect if you like to wear your opinions on your sleeve, maybe not so great for toting around Sainsburys on a Sunday morning when there are loads of kids running around. Good to expose them to the green message early on, but maybe not in such a parent-baiting manner.

Toxic Fox

Is there any area of life that has been left untouched by the TOWIE phenomenon? Get your reem on and make the rest of the world hopelessly jel with this hilarious offering from Toxic Fox, featuring an artistic take on the walnut-whip-esque hairdo of Joey Essex. Best accessorised with a healthy dose of irony.

Lazy Oaf

Feeling jaded and world-weary? Sick of everyone else’s positive attitude? Take a pot-shot at the core of optimism with Lazy Oaf’s darkly funny, appropriately monochrome shopper, courtesy of artist Richard Fairhead.


Etsy is a goldmine for off-the-wall bits and bobs, and canvas bags are no exception. This shopper, emblazoned with a quote that sets up a very strong case for Oscar Wilde being the original hipster (sorry, dads), ticks the quirky and cheerful boxes as well as providing a talking point (exhibit A: crisps. Discuss).


This Blank Canvas blank canvas bag is so meta it’s practically untrue. Like a Rothko painting, the longer you stare at it, the more meanings seem to emerge. Either that, or it’s just a fun comment on the general vogue for canvas bags. Whether you decide that this bag is profound or not it’s certainly capacious and features a nifty magnetic closure that makes it a bit more secure than your average canvas bag. Hidden depths indeed.

Grayson Perry x British Museum

Part of the collection of items designed by Grayson Perry to accompany his 'Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman' exhibition, this eye-poppingly bright shopper is a constant reminder not to take things too seriously. As mad as Perry may be, sometimes he makes a really good point.

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