Social Networking Fashion


Written by Suzie McCracken
19 Monday 19th March 2012

If you have time to complete a short survey on whether this author has successfully linked homemade items of twitter-themed clothing to a theoretical concept about modern life, Don’t Panic will thank you for your time.

“Welcome to the world of Brass Monki where your wildest sneaker dreams can come true,” proclaims designer Daniel Reese’s website. This is a dream I don’t think anyone has ever had, but now that he’s mentioned it (and made it reality with an awe-inspiring design) we’ll certainly be flirting with the idea during our night-time adventures. A pair of Twitter or Facebook adorned sneakers will cost you £200, but these kicks are pretty kick ass on the social networking fashion scale. If you're curious about Daniel, check out our interview with the man himself from last year.

Beautifully straddling the line between virtual and physical worlds, these tights shout “Follow me!” to all who see them. The desired effect is that strangers come up to you and say they were admiring your calves and happened to see you were on twitter before asking for your URL. The unwanted effect is that those inclined to stalking take the message a little too literally. Fingers crossed it’s the former, because Don’t Panic accept no responsibility for any lawsuits that may result from your purchase of these stockings.

“Guys, how addictive is Facebook? I KNOW! I totally spend all day on it, even when I should be working, whoops! You know what it’s like, it’s kinda like cocaine. Yeah, cocaine! That’s a brilliant analogy! Not that I’ve ever taken cocaine, but people say it’s pretty addictive. And in a way more glamorous way than cigarettes are. I know what we should do everyone, we should sell t-shirts of people snorting cocaine that’s laid out in the shape of the word Facebook! We’ll be millionaires!”

Have you met anyone that does the hashtag motion yet? It’s just appeared into our lives and it’s a little unsettling. The hashtagger says “HASHTAG” very loudly whilst using their two arms to create an invisible hashtag in the air. If you would rather not join this club, then congratulations. But if you still feel yourself drawn to wildly slicing a numerical symbol in real-life conversation, they try this ‘#’ necklace so you can just point to your chest instead.

Do you ‘like’ your partners backside so much that you’d go so far as to create a page dedicated to their arse so you can click that satisfying little button? If so, fear not for there is a more private way to express your booty based affection via these endearingly hand painted pants. The most intimate of social networking fashions is also our favourite – this is a much better perpetration of the ‘liking’ phenomena than we’ve seen recently. The only thing we believe is missing from these undergarments is a 'like' on the front-bottom too. And perhaps another more professional looking version that can go in the washing machine and won't leave fabric paints on the inside of your jeans.

Have you ever added your handle to a piece of attire?

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