Spotlight: Trinotron


12 Monday 12th July 2010

Not your family telly back in the 90s, Trinotron, is a streetwear label that isn't referencing old school boxy Sony electronics, but a label that's inspired by classic arcade games, anime, comics and pop art. Their designs are known for their candy colours and the Neon logo, with cartoons that are on the wrong side of adorable.  

The creative nous behind Trinotron, is designer Trinity. No, not from the Matrix, and alas I sympathise all too well, when your name is Sabrina, life is a never-ending morass of stupid comments. Worn and supported by ?uestlove from The Roots, The Game, Ace & Vis, Cassette Playa and Master Shortie, and stocked in River Island stores nationwide, Trinity of Trinotron also drops mixtapes which are always eagerly awaited and immediately devoured. Past collaborations include Santogold and live sets at YoYo. Pretty sweet for a label that's only been around for the past year and a half.
How else can I explain Trinotron? I think it's best to leave you with the mission statement.
1 The creator and the ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.
2 (Trinotron) (in certain other social circles) A superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.
Not exactly modest, but with this level of success, why should he be? I'll have you know, he's kind of a big deal.
For more information and to download the Trinotron mixtapes visit


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