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Supermarket Sarah


03 Monday 03rd May 2010


Supermarket Sarah began when the creator gave up her corporate life in exchange for day-to-day creative control over her own unique projects. These projects refer to the pop-up walls she creates, flaunting collaborations with the likes of Fred Butler and Patternity. The one-of-a-kind walls feature both Vintage and high-street treasures and are available to purchase at her home in Notting Hill. We decided to quiz Sarah on life before pop-up walls, her inspiration and…Burgers, mmmm.
For people who haven’t been following your quirky antics, what have you been up to recently?
I have just finished doing a pop-up supermarket at Selfridges, which was brilliant. There was a massive wall in the Concept Store, which I got to take over. I’ve also just installed a red ‘Smile’ window at YCN gallery on Rivington Street where all the items are available to buy online. It coincides with their latest Smile magazine. It will be up for the next 8 weeks.
What did you do before pop-up walls?
When I finished my graphic design degree I started to work in advertising, in the digital sphere. I wanted to get into making things again and working on a more tactile level, so I started assisting top stylists and doing Portobello market on a Friday – which I loved. I created the walls at home initially as a kind of portfolio site but the idea just seemed to grow and take speed by itself. It hit off with the bloggers and the mainstream press was soon to follow. The walls have now spread into real spaces; bars, galleries, shop fronts, department stores. Things just seem to be snowballing at the moment, which is very exciting.
How do you come up with the concept for each wall you do?
It depends, sometimes I purposely chose a colour/theme and scour places with a mission, or I look at what I have and try and come up with a suitable theme. It's a bit like either working from a recipe or free styling with what you have in the fridge! 
You’ve collaborated with artists such as Fred Butler and Patternity recently. How did these come about?
I actually went to Brighton University with Fred, but didn't know her so well then. She now works in the same studio as a really good friend of mine, Alex Cunningham and Alex introduced us at a party last year. Fred is an amazing talent and I was so excited when she did a wall for Supermarket Sarah. Not only is Fred a creative genius she's also really kind and encouraging to other emerging artists. She mentioned Supermarket Sarah to Anna and Grace from Patternity and they soon got in touch. When they came round with rainbow cake and visuals I knew I was in for a treat!   
Your first wall for Selfridges references Pulp Fiction – 'Royale with Cheese'. What does this say about the wall or did you simply have burgers on the mind?
I wanted to do a royal themed wall but didn't want it to seem too vintage. So "with cheese" gives it a modern spin, and makes the wall more in touch with my overall supermarket style. The Pulp Fiction line "royale with cheese" seemed just right and I do just love that quote! 



Who or what would you most like to create a wall for?
We have a whole line up of amazing talent set to do walls this year! I'm so excited about Tatty Devine doing a wall! I've always been such a fan of their jewellery! And now we are working on an exclusive Supermarket Sarah range which is amazing!
I'd love Paul Smith to do a wall. His eclectic mix of wonders is super! Vivienne Westwood would be awesome. I’ve actually bumped into her a few times as she has her studio just next to mine at the Doodle Bar in Battersea.
Is your house crammed from floor to ceiling with quirky delights?
Yes! My boyfriend and I are both addicted to vintage treasure so we can't seem to come home without various bizarre finds left over on street corners or in skips! We love breathing new life into old things!
Where do you go to find the best vintage treasures?
Now that would be telling!! But I do have an amazing hoarder auntie from Sweden who has been trafficking some amazing finds over this way!
So you’re no longer popping up walls at Selfridges, what’s next for Supermarket Sarah?
Well I'm already in conversations with Selfridges re my next pop up so watch this space for that! Supermarket Sarah will be popping up all over town and hopefully abroad too. Some amazing walls are coming soon by Bethan Wood, Georgina Bacchus, Lisa Stannard, Tatty Devine, Emily Chalmers at Caravan and many more.
Where do you see yourself in five, or ten years time?
I want Supermarket Sarah to be an established label showcasing fun and brilliant design from the best young talent as well as vintage treasures. The website is fast becoming a destination space to go for the latest trends and I want this to grow with the site, becoming more and more of a seamless experience. I'd like to have various Concept Stores, each one different and unique. Places where people can go to shop for inspiration as well as for products.


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