The Anatomy of Fashion


Written by Betty Wood
Photos and illustrations by Various
11 Monday 11th July 2011

This coat (above) is by Leeds-based illustrator and designer Jamie Avis. Hand drawn with black ink, Avis combined his drawing skill with a love of fashion by rendering a scale-size skeleton onto the fabric of this ladies jacket (costing £450 and donated by a colleague) over a total of 4 days using 10 gel pens. Wonder what his friend thought of it?

Continuing along the skeletal theme, we found these custom Victoriana anatomical corsets by Texan tailoress Louise Black. Available in a range of colours including, black, white, red and er, black, these corsets feature an anatomical 'x-ray' lithographic-printed fabric panel detailing the bone structure of the spine and rib cage. Famed for her cuffs and corsets, Black's Victorian inspired designs are custom made and finished by hand. And they're sure to be popular with the Twilight generation... just as soon as they hit puberty.

Sick of skeletons? How about some innards instead? This dress (part of the Anatomical Dream collection) is made by Rachel Wright. Having sought out a selection of vintage slips, she sets about embellishing them with anatomical drawings through appliqué in custom one-off designs. So called because of the rather large shoulder blades on the reverse of this dress, this piece is called Scapular, and features a vintage rayon slip embellished with a mixture of velvet, silk, rayon and leather panels to create the anatomical design of the organs and bone structure. You probably wouldn't wear it every day... Or possibly ever, but it's a clever design, and ecologically friendly as all the materials are recycled. Who said fashion doesn't have a conscience eh?

And we're back to skeletons again; this time we've got a necklace by New York designer Ayaka Nishi, made from a mix of sterling silver and coyote bones cast onto a snake spine. It's pretty cool, but comes with a hefty price tag of £1,383. This is not the only nature inspired design in her repertoire; Nishi takes much inspiration from natural organism structures such as coral, fish scales and spider webs.

It's not all about the girls though. Sick of all those hours spent pumping iron with little to show? Dreaming of instant muscles but put off by all that hard work? This shirt by Seasons Studios might be the answer. An anatomically correct muscular torso (complete with labels so you can learn whilst you wear) is at your finger-tips with this design; no fat, no flesh, just pure, hard muscle. Grrr.

Last but not least, after the heat wave last week the last thing you might be thinking of is wrapping up warm... But winter is only round the corner. How about this pair of arterial stockings? Probably not much good for staving off DVT on long-haul flights, but at least they'll hide your thread-veins! If you're more a sock fan, keep your tootsies warm with these bad-boy knee-highs, complete with anatomical design (bones or muscles). As you the highest percentage of bones in your feet, you might want to get started now in learning their names... And yes, they are a little weird.

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  • Guest: jamieavis_5
    Tue 12 - Jul - 2011, 17:07
    Hello, I' am the illustrator behind the first image of the coat. I would like to know where you managed to source this information and photograph from as I' am quite curious. Thankyou.