The Ugliest Trends of S/S12


Written by Charlie Cole
20 Sunday 20th May 2012


Creeper Shoes


Anyone who's ever suffered from back problems or severe overpronation as a child will be filled with painful memories of visits to the orthopedist, to be fitted for those 'special' shoes that don't make you feel special at all. Thick soles, high ankles and extra strong arch supports were the doctor's orders, and a mandatory muddy brown shade added the final touch that bullies just loved. Well, the tables have finally turned, and those in need of podiatry support can, in fact, be bang on trend. Most recently, brothel creepers were seen at last week's Chanel Cruise collection, providing a touch of ugly irony to the sugary sweet dresses parading down the runway. Topshop Unique have also added the 'flatform' to their designer collection, thus sending an unholy wave of teenage trend hunters into a corrective-wear frenzy. There's no doubt that the creeper is the coolest way to keep your feet ugly this summer.


Inverted Triangle Silhouettes


Back in the '80s, the power dressing trend emphasised the shoulders and gave the illusion of a straight waist, and was synonymous with strong women with ubersharp business prowess and now it's back, with even more of an attitude problem. Inverted triangle silhouettes are the exact opposite of the traditional feminine shape. By eliminating the ladylike associations of the hourglass silhouette, they create an androgynous, awkward shape that seems somewhat disjointed, and more than a little ugly. Lanvin, Nicole Farhi, Givenchy and Fendi all chose the super-shoulders/no waist definition look to lead their collections this season, so, get ready to raid your mum's wardrobe and dust off those Dynasty-esque power suits for the ultimate ugly look of S/S12.



Louis Vuitton

As shoes named after a donkey, upon initial inspection this is a trend that does not bode well. The mule shoe is a strange hybrid of the slingback stiletto and the clog; both impractical and cumbersome, and yet somehow manages to look oddly chic when balanced with very girlish styles. The shoe doesn't aim to flatter the front part makes the foot look wider, and the toe will give you a serious case of clown feet but  it is still cool, weird and completely one-of-a-kind. Louis Vuitton made the mule famous this summer, with his feathered, lacey models booted up with these monstrosities on the catwalk. Whilst the overall effect was still pretty and delicate, the addition of the shoes added a great edge that prevented the pieces from becoming too saccharine. You may recoil at the sight of this micro-trend, but the mule is the perfect example of ugliness reaching all areas of fashion this season!


Smudged Makeup

Meadham Kirchhoff

Waking up with half your face left on the pillow and the other half arranged like an ode to Picasso is not a girl's sexiest, or proudest, moment. But this season, makeup artists from London to Paris have been transforming their runway models from fresh-faced teens into victims of the walk of shame with this rather dubious trend. There's no real skill to pulling off this look, because there's no way it will ever look good and that's the point. Think carefree, un-made up faces that look like they have last night's adventures still stuck to them. Purposefully making a girl look ugly is actually pretty refreshing amid the myriad of pristine models we usually see in style; it feels much more realistic. Believe it or not, this trend is catching on rather quickly among New York street stylers.


Wet-Look Hair


With this truly unflattering trend comes a myriad of secondary school memories. Boys with a fistful of gel in their hair, artfully pulled into spikes with Tin-Tin fringes haunted our teen years, and were apparently the inspiration for this so called 'sport-luxe' style. Masculine, intentionally unkempt hair is the most unattractive way to update your 'do this season. Chanel championed the look with gel-drenched models parading the catwalk wearing their oceanic styles, whilst Sportmax lived up to their name with what can only be called chav waves long curly locks set hard with wet mousse. Amping up the ugly even more was Proenza Schouler, with boyish hair dragged into knots at the neck. Using half a tub of gel in your hair each day may bring up questions of practicality, but wet-look hair has quickly become the style du jour.

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