Typography Furniture


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Tabisso, Palelle Industries, Kent & London, various
11 Monday 11th July 2011

When it comes down to it, lounging into a sofa cobbled together from individual letters is every typography obsessives dream. Well, pray no more: it's here. The French duo behind furniture and interiors brand Tabisso are out to make your couch scream YES! as you walk towards it and get ready to drape your body over its chunky letters. Essentially the Tabisso team sell and manufacture individual chair letters, that can be hilariously combined to spell out whatever you like. Obviously to keep mums buying they haven't put all the rude ones you're thinking of on the site. Instead, how about a taste of YING & YANG, or a nu-ghetto YO! (above)? The punctuation marks come courtesy of their awesome lamps.

If you'd like something a little more intellectual, how about this chair from Palette Industries? For the moment these little guys are all sold out, but that doesn't mean you can't revel in their appreciation for Dharma. That's right, these bum-resters are named after the Buddhist Universal Law of Nature, and are moulded from a mantra-like script: "stand forget breathe understand observe". We can only assume these are all (minus the first, of course) things you're expected to do once settled in the chair.


To match, they've made an Albert Camus-inspired lamp as well, inscribed with the same mantra. When it casts meaningful shadows on your walls at night, you can revel in the glory of the thick-set and shapely letters. Nice.

Ok, now if all the religious and literary allusions are getting too heavy, how about getting involved with this alphabet chest of drawers? It looks to be pretty physically heavy, but goes easy on us content-wise by sticking to that old logical standard. Probably a better bet for a child's room, the chunky detailing and structure still make this one relevant for the grown-ups. Plus, you could have loads of over-organised fun matching the items in each drawer to the letter they're in: you know, bras in B, your porn stash in P and whatever else you'd want to keep tucked away.

Finally, these little coasters would add the finishing touch. They don't have a particularly deep message to impart (unless we're just struggling to read it) but are aesthetically bang on. Never again will a rogue watermark stain your tabletops with these little beauties on the job.

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