Valentine's Wear


11 Thursday 11th February 2010

Another Valentine's day comes and goes, another 10 ‘anon’ cards in the post box (not) and piles of chocolates and flowers delivered to my door (I wish). But what to wear? what to buy? how to get the attention of that special someone? Roses and chocolates are seriously played out. My suggestion to all men out there who are looking to impress a woman - say it with handbags and shoes! The more expensive the better - a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos or how about a Wang bag?

So your girl wants comfort and style, inspired by Louboutin and launching just in time for Valentines day, you could spoil her with a lace hi-top sneaker for women in two shades of gold and purple! They have red soles! LACOSTE has teamed up with New York brand Married to the Mob to create the sneaker: search for a stockist here. At t £80 these are alot cheaper then the Louboutin for sure, but still cute and sexy.

If you are considering a decent (or indecent) proposal, Valentines day is a good day to do it. I hate to tell you but mining for one gold wedding band costs the earth at least three tons of toxic waste. I have a suggestion though, Cred jewellery produce the only fair trade gold and ethically sourced diamonds in the world!

Ladies, got a date don’t got a date, buy a dress anyway! Something to get you noticed or make him fall deep in love, buy this Goodone bodice dress from a mixture of vintage and recycled knitwear - sexy, sophisticated and socially sound.

And If you’re staying in or snowed under, alone and in need of someone to unzip and drag around, Wrangler have something hot. Bluebell’s new ss10 interactive website allows the user to dress and undress legendary model Tony Ward in their spring summer collection:, check it out.



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