Written by Betty Wood
27 Monday 27th June 2011

The days of borders and blown vinyl may be over, but wallpaper has been given a new lease of life through currently en vogue interior obsession the ‘feature wall’. Here we’ve put together a collection of some of the most innovative wallpaper designers we’ve come across recently to give you a taste of why wallpaper really is at the cutting edge of style once again.

This range of wallpapers by north-east designer Kate Usher are aimed kids and the young at heart, featuring sweet caddies, circus animals, meerkats, turtles and monkeys. But Usher doesn’t just pander solely to a minted infant audience; her grown-up collection feature bespoke design embellishments such as Swarovski crystals, flock finishing and foiling. Posh. Though her website is currently under development, Kate has posted some sneaky pictures of her new designs on her blog page here.

We really liked this range of wallpapers by Ryan Cox of Filthy Home, a brand new design company from New York that features vintage-inspired wallpapers with a modern twist. His ‘Fill in the Blanks’ design is a repetitive pattern of empty speech bubbles that just invite you to pick up a Biro and write something inappropriate. And despite the fact that guns aren’t cool, we can’t help but like this weapon-themed print either.

This bookshelf design is by Cambridgeshire designers Young & Battaglia. Their range of wallpapers is pretty limited at present (we only found this design in a black and a white version) but their style combines a modern minimalism with a more homely and traditional subject. And though technically it’s not wallpaper, we suggest you have a look at this rather quirky lamp they’ve designed.

Style experts Bodie and Fou have just added this wallpaper Cashier d’Ectriture to their collection, and it’s pretty obvious why. Designed by East London artist Madam Chalet aka Genevieve Closuit (who also has a superb range of cards and gifts) it’s a washable and very kitsch. Madam Chalet’s other paper design ‘Mon Beau Pays’ is a J. H. Wingfield-style number that looks like it’s come straight from the pages of a Ladybird Classic. Completely charming, we can’t help but want it.

Finally, we came across these Scandinavian designed wallpapers by Swedish graphic artist Sandra Isaksson's studio Isak.  The penguin print is Pingu-esque and brings back nostalgic childhood memories. Even better, the website claims their products are “part made by trolls”. Winner.

What's on your walls?

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