Wearable Pot Plants


Written by Yusuf Laher
14 Monday 14th February 2011

And what happens when the plants get too big to carry around?

You can just trim them. I’ve also found that it’s pretty easy to take them out if you want to place them in a bigger planter.

Do you need to water them? If so, what happens to the water?  

It depends on the plant. If you put in the right amount of water the soil soaks it up like a sponge. If you put in too much it just rolls off the top.

So are you, like, a crazy plant lady? Is your home full of them?

I wish! I never have any luck growing my own plants. Right now I have some succulents and cacti growing on a windowsill and they’re doing quite well. Every summer I have these dreams of growing tomatoes and basil, but they always burn in the hot Georgia sun before they produce anything.

Have you read about plants that tweet? Any thoughts?  

Yeah, I’ve come across that before. It’s really a great idea! These new interactions and ways of drawing information from the world around us are fascinating. It would be great to see this on a different scale, to get a better understanding of what’s around us and how it works. Maybe if I had something like this my plants would live longer.

How are the necklaces linked to your "material perception" project?  

I wanted to prove that you can make something that defies the expectations a material carries. We always think that something made out of plastic is disposable. I wanted to show that we can make objects worth keeping with it. Plastic lasts for a long time and is very energy intensive to produce, so why are we making disposable soda bottles? For that project I proposed lace cut out of plastic bags and breakable ceramic pieces. This was my exploration and creative outlet for a bit once I left school.

Are the necklaces only available from your website?

They’re actually on Etsy right now. I’m trying to get them into some stores, too.

How many different models/colours are there?

Right now there’s three different necklaces. They’re all in white. There’s this minimalist voice in my head that wants to keep them all white. But if people want them in other colours, it could look kinda cool.

Do you wear one yourself?

I wore the more rounded one around to a few parties last summer. I’m trying to figure out ways to incorporate them into my look.

So what’s next for you?

I’ll see where the wind takes me, I guess. I’m thinking about going to graduate school next year. For the time being though, I want to just keep making things that encourage us to momentarily step away from reality.

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