Worst celebrity brand endorsements


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by KEEP, Candie's, Pimp Juice
04 Monday 04th April 2011

Last week Animal Collective brought out their own line of trainers. The kings of super-psychedelic synth-squelching experimantal pop have teamed up with brand KEEP Company to each design and sell their own customised shoe. The big clincher? All proceeds go to charity. Breathe a big sigh of hipster relief because in the only way they could, Animal Collective have taken the money-grabbing element out of endorsing. Unlike this lot: here's our top five worst celeb-endorsed products.

Britney Spears for Candie's

In the months following her melt-down, Britney quickly shaped up and decided to design a clothing line for US brand Candie's in conjunction with her tour. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly high fashion.

Worse than the clothes however may be the Photoshop crimes against honesty committed by the re-touching team. Perhaps the campaign's saving grace came from Spears' choice to release the raw images alongside their smoothed out alternatives.

Jackie Chan and Ba Wang Shampoo

Not only is the link between martial arts skills and silky-smooth hair tenuous at best, but the Ba Wang shampoo Chan endorsed later turned out be carcinogenic. He distanced himself from the product at the lightning speed of one of his roundhouse kicks in response.

Nelly and Pimp Juice

Bandage-faced rapper Nelly figured there were two things the world needed from him: one, a desperately marketed energy drink and two, a terrible and contradictory acronym to name said drink. May we introduce you to Pimp Juice. Well, that's Positive Intellectually Motivated Person Juice to all you feminists out there. Nice sell, Nelly. Real nice.


Katy Perry for Pro Activ

"She's talking about zits here, people!" This acne-fighting brand has a bit of a knack for putting out awful infomercials involving various celebrities. Perry is too hot to make this very believable, but really it's her acting skills that have this one so close to the top of our list.


Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret

And the clincher: the man who stands for all things independent and anti-establishment sold his face and music to market sexy pants for ladies. You have to see this one to believe it really, but Dylan clearly tops our list by not only selling his song to Victoria's Secret but agreeing to appear in the ad. It's creepy, it's hilarious and it somehow even tarnishes Adriana Lima's beauty.

We're giving an honourable mention to Claire Danes for Latisse too, since acting's meant to be her job yet this infomercial for lash growth stimulators leaves us feeling dead inside.

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