Black Dynamite


Written by Qin Xie
05 Monday 05th July 2010

Black Dynamite is the melting pot for liberal sprinklings of disco 'fros with predictable clichés and a few surprising guest appearances; where nigga-calling among 'brothas' (read intra-cultural racism) is more than acceptable.


In this sorry attempt at blaxploitation spoofing, Michael Jai White dons a Shaft costume to play an ex-CIA commando, Black Dynamite. Is he one cool gun-toting, nunchuck-wielding cat with slick kung-fu moves and an appetite for the ladies who's as hard as, well, his six pack? Or is he just one of those brothas who thinks he can get by with a wink and a smile, minus the smile?
Whatever he's aiming for, he has missed it by miles while avenging his brother, ridding the streets of dope and pimp slapping the First Lady into the china cabinet.
Expect plenty of action but be warned, between the sketchy storyline, unconvincing street talk and questionable facial hair, you could lose track of the fine line separating spoof and plain bad filmmaking. Its sole redeeming feature may be the unashamedly retro décor and costuming, which is so in now, if you can sit through the tedious tour of Homer, Hesiod and Ovid that is.
Spoof or not, in an already tired genre, one has to wonder if it's just a little overworked.

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  • Guest: heartbreaknovocaine
    Sun 26 - Sep - 2010, 18:36
    Hey you can like it or hate it, don't make me no nevermind ya dig! But you can bet your sweet ass and half a titty that whoever wrote this review already drank some Anaconda Malt Liquor and is sour because of his Little Dick! Interrupting my Kung Fu with this bulls**t review is not looked upon highly in the community!
  • Guest:
    Wed 01 - Sep - 2010, 22:16
    who is the film designed for then?
  • Guest: Skyking772002
    Wed 18 - Aug - 2010, 16:03
    The reviewer obviously doesn't understand this movie and is not the best choice to write on this movie. Judging from the name "Qin Xie" I'm thinking its a cultural difference and not that he is completely retarded.