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Written by Jack Sharp
Photos and illustrations by Brad Jones, Buck Adams, M├╝jdat Gezen
21 Monday 21st November 2011

As The Cinema Snob, Brad plunges the very depths of bad movies, introducing his audience to such titles as Nudist Colony of the Dead and Death Bed: The Bed That Eats -- a film that stands alone as the single worst killer bed movie in its surprisingly undersubscribed genre.

Seemingly no film is too bizarre for the Snob, whether it be a cheap foreign rip-off of a major Hollywood blockbuster like Turkish Star Wars, a talking vagina movie (he’s reviewed several) or even a stomach-churning, nightmarish live-action porno based on Beavis & Butthead (Beaver & Buttface).

As well as The Cinema Snob, Brad also creates several other series for, often featuring his friends. These include film discussion series The Bruno Mattei Show, 1980s sitcom parody 80's Dan (Brad’s personal favourite series) and a spoof series of infomercials for special edition VHS tapes called The Big Box.

Having recently returned home from a horror convention in Cincinnati, with a terrible cold, Brad talks to me about his site and success with The Cinema Snob.

What were you doing before The Cinema Snob?

I made films -- Freak Out, Cheap and Midnight Heat. They weren’t really doing anything; I just loved doing them.

I was a radio DJ for four years, a driver at one point and I worked in a video shop. Then I worked at Comcast for a little bit just before I got picked up on After that, I could start doing this as my fulltime job.

Where do you find most of these movies?

Most of them I own; if not, from a good friend of mine, James Gilks (VHS wasteland). He sends me a lot of pretty cool things.

What film do you get the most requests for you to review?

Brad: If a lot of people have asked for it, like Troll 2 or Cannibal Holocaust, I’ve probably done it. But probably this rip-off of Nightmare on Elm Street. I just haven’t been able to find a copy that’s dubbed or has subtitles.

Mahakaal: The Monster (Indian Nightmare on Elm Street)

A popular scene from the notoriously bad Troll 2.

Do you watch any of these films with friends?

Not often because sometimes I have to pause the movie. My wife doesn’t like these kinds of movies. Sometimes she’ll be on the computer, or something like that, just looks at the TV, and is like, “What the hell are you watching?”

We do watch the 80s Dan stuff together. My friends all sit down as a group and collectively come up with jokes. But other than that, I just watch them myself.

Celebrating his 150th episode, Brad recently held E.T. week, an entire week devoted to obscure, low-budget E.T. rip off movies. The films featured included Nukie, Pod People (known to many after its appearance on the brilliant ‘90s US TV series Mystery Science Theatre 3000), Keep Up the Lust E.T. , Badi and Homoti, in which the title character displays a bizarrely prominent ass. Which was the most difficult to watch?

The hardest film of the week was Nukie, because that’s seriously one of the worst movies I’ve ever had to sit through. At the halfway point I was like, “I can’t do this. I’ve got to re-evaluate my life or something.”

And what’s the worst film that you’ve ever reviewed?

I try not to think of it in terms of a technical aspect, but by which one is the hardest to sit though. Before Nukie I probably would have said Night of Horror, but I can picture myself drunk, or high, watching that with friends. I’m sure in six months I’ll find something else.

Recently Brad was anonymously sent a strange package in the mail that included, amongst other things, a slinky and a DVD of Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break Young & Hung: Hard Edition (as opposed to the no-thrills flaccid edition). Naturally, Brad reviewed the DVD for his site.

Did you find out who sent the package?

Yeah, that’s a guy -- I’ve spoken to him a few times -- who doesn’t live too far from me. He still sends me stuff every now and then. One time he sent me, like, 18 Ricky Martin CDs. He’s also sent me a bag of worms one time and the Roseanne porn, which I’ll probably do on the site.

How did you find out who he was?

Someone on the site knew who he was and then he put up a video about it. He wrote to me shortly afterwards.

Finally, what’s your favourite episode of the Snob? 

I like Salo, Maniac, Nightdreams; I love the Cannibal Holocaust episode. Really anything where you get to see the Snob as the pretentious snob that he really is.


All of The Cinema Snob videos, plus Brad’s other series, can be found at You can also follow Brad on Twitter and Facebook.

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