Brad Pitt's Bong From True Romance


Written by Robert Foster
27 Wednesday 27th March 2013

Firstly, in the USA, honey comes in cute little plastic bears, which is adorable, frankly. In fact, imagine GW Bush squirting honey over his toast from a lovely cuddly bear, you might be able to forgive him for some of the naughty things he did, even those paintings.

Secondly, Brad Pitt reached his peak, attractiveness-wise, around 1993. If you're a straight guy and your junk doesn't wiggle just a tiny bit when you look at pictures of him from around then, then you've got no heart. At that stage of chiselled good looks, you're dealing with art. Obviously, later in life he married an evil child snatching Sphinx and started douching about dressed as the director character from the Truman Show, but back in 1993, he had it going on.

Thirdly, True Romance goes hard in the mother fucking paint, no one's really come close to nailing the knowing, schlocky action thriller genre since. It might even be possible to argue that in a court of law. 

The three above facts come together to create the perfect storm that is Brad Pitt's portrayal of Floyd, the greatest loveable stoner in movie history.

So now do you see why these silly bongs exist (25 of them)? Here's the deets:

Floyd” is a fully-functioning white porcelain honey bear-shaped art bong by New York-based artist Glen Baldridge that gives a nod to Brad Pitt’s stoner character in the 1993 romantic crime film True Romance. It is available to purchase at Artware Editions.

The funniest thing about that sentence is 'art bong'. Just an FYI also, if you're not on more than a hundred grand a year and you're thinking about buying this, your priorities are kerazy mixed up and you love weed way too much. Someone had to call it.

Such a babe.

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