Written by Seun Mustapha
01 Monday 01st November 2010


Unless you've been living, deaf, blind and dumb under a rock for the past two decades you will be more than aware of the 'current financial climate'. Rarely can you pick up a paper, turn of your television and not hear doom-laden news reports regarding everybody losing their jobs and nobody being able to afford a house anymore. According to the politicians, huge cuts on every public service, taking away everyone’s benefits and allowing approximately 60,000 pensioners to freeze to death due to no longer being able to heat their homes due to their pensions being cut is the solution, along with wind-farms, cycling to work and coming up with more things to cut.
Michael C Rupert for a long time has been calling shenanigans on all of this. An honors graduate and former LAPD narcotics investigator turned 'dissadent' investigative reporter, Michael was the guy that blew the whistle on the CIA smuggling drugs into the inner city. He has investigated over 100 suspicious military deaths and is not exactly the US administration’s favorite journalist.
Finally pushed too far by the state and those that would silence him, Michael upped sticks and left America around four years ago and now dedicates his life to informing the public on the blatantly obvious; that the government aren't to be trusted, an economy based entirely on a finite resource is doomed to fail, a human population skyrocketing into infinity is in a word, unsustainable, what we are seeing is not 'boom and bust' it's the collapse of modern day society as we know it. He runs the website (, read by around 17,000 subscribers including congressmen, a host of respected professors, numerous 'intelligence committees and of course the lurkers.
Michael thinks there are three types of people, analogous to the three types of people on the Titanic: the first wrote off the warnings, placed their faith in those in authority and carried on enjoying the many luxuries available on the boat; the second embarked on crazed and irrational missions to save themselves; and the third got together and came up with a plan to build a lifeboat.
Of course there are those that write him off as another conspiracy theorist, a term Michael likened to the racial slur 'nigger', in that it's just an offensive insult designed to get a angry response and side-track the real argument, I would guess these are the first type of people. The sort of people we're looking for are the third type of people, pragmatic, just do it people who want to survive and are prepared to live with what the planet has given us and disregard the men in suits and their threats.
From what I could work out this is mainly down to a: peak oil and b: too many people on the planet and everybody having more and more annoying screaming babies.
Peak oil basically signals the end of globalisation. Globalisation was dead five years ago. Peak oil could be the precursor to the end of the human race, the way things are we completely depend on it and it's going to run out in maybe even a few decades. Regarding population, infinite growth is a real issue confronting us a species. Unless we do something about the situation all these babies are being consigned to a living hell, pretty much the same for those in their 30s.
Obviously your message is pretty extreme, you must get a lot of people that don't like thinking, ignoring your points and writing you off as a 'conspiracy theorist'.
I tend to walk away from anybody who uses that term in conversation with me. It's meaningless and is just an offensive term used by the close-minded that don't want to engage in the actual argument and just attack me instead. I have never been a conspiracy theorist, all the points I make are based on irrefutable fact.
The typical straw man argument. How did you even get into this sort of stuff?
I was an LA police officer and I came from a CIA family. As it happens I have never actually been a part of the CIA. I was a journalist and was adopted by the US military. The amount of corruption I saw through my past work actually sickens me.
So the point of your work these days is to try and spread the word as it were, and get people to wake up to what is happening around them.
There are always those that are in denial and as long as 'everyone else' is carrying on as normal they will to. There was an experiment conducted with 1000 monkeys. 30 or so were trained to wax a coconut husk, the rest ignored them and went about their day, then 50 were trained, no result, when it reached 100 suddenly it started to spread, soon enough the majority of the monkeys were waxing the husks and for no real reason whatsoever. This whole thing has to grow and evolve until the first type of people start to see it as 'normal' and it catches on.
You mentioned you were aware that over two million people have illegally downloaded your DVD. So at least you know the message is getting out there, our readers of course would never do such a thing so maybe we could get a quick summary?
I do a radio show,, I'm going to be fronting a two hour big budget show on the History channel called the Futurist. The message is out there and spreading through the net and word of mouth. This is info for the educated to learn from. This is not a temporary glitch. This is not about whining about those that didn't get it. There is no recovery, this is about survival now, society will rebuild itself but it's going to be a pretty arduous journey and is starting as we speak. Peak oil will run out within our lifetimes, maybe within the next 10 -20 years. Population keeps rising exponentially. People need to pull their heads out of the sand.
When is this going to start happening?
Even in your country, Britian, we are seeing moves by parliament to cut pensions and trim back on thousands upon thousands of jobs. We have excess deaths due to people not being able to afford food. Between 30 and 40 thousand people in 2006 froze to death over winter, maybe 100,000 by now. Unsurprisingly the government stopped releasing figures on this two years ago. There are plans for thousands of road lights to be closed off, massive police cutbacks, social services are being trimmed and these affect all of us not just the 'dole scum' they like to scapegoat, there is no recovery. The French attitude of entitlement and rioting in the streets will achieve nothing, it is the precursor to the end of everything. You are not entitled to anything from them. You are entitled to everything the earth has given you and you must learn to once again become a part of it.
I haven't voted for years, not that I've ever put a lot of thought into it, I just seems like such a waste of time. Like some ridiculous charade for the terminally gullible.
We lived for over 2000 years before government, there's no reason we couldn't do it again. There is even a guy living out in Devon who hasn't used money for over two years and is living pretty much a normal life, you should check him out.


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    Why did they put in an endorsement from the Onion? hahaha
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