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Nicolas Cage: An Internet Tribute


06 Tuesday 06th November 2012

34DD Cage

Geddit? It's Nicolas Cage - with breasts. AND a cheeky flash of nipple.


Wub wub wub. Best known for his renowned record-breaking hit, 'Scary Monsters and The Sorcerer's Apprentice'.

Cat Cage

Ahh. Look at the little fella. Just LOOK at him. (Interesting fact: when this meme first launched, the combination of Nick Cage and cute cats nearly broke the Internet.)


Okay, so maybe he's not quite as sinister as Ralph Fiennes' version, but still, that's pretty scary.

E.T. Cage

Go home. Please.

Baywatch Cage

Who wouldn't want to see this running down the beach towards them?

Home Alone Cage

I would definitely watch this. Joe Pesci vs. Nick Cage in a child's body? That's box office gold, right there.

Nicolas Cake

Ha. I see what you did there.

Twilight Cage

Edward or Jacob? Come on Nick, make up your mind!

Lion Cage

He just can't wait to be king.

Lady Cage

A more imaginative spin on 34DD Cage (with nicer eyeshadow). Don't pretend that you're not aroused.

Marilyn Moncage

One of the biggest Hollywood icons ever, reimagined for 2012. Bigger, better, and now with 100% more chest hair.

Zordon Cage

Remember Power Rangers? Nick was originally considered for the prestigious part of wizard/mentor Zoron. (NB: Might not be true).

The Pale Cage

Halloween might be over for another year, but that doesn't mean you can't still scare yourself silly. Seeing Cage's face superimposed onto the Pale Man monster from Pan's Labyrinth should do the trick.

Pillsbury Doughcage

Making any oven-baked goods that much better. Press his tummy, he giggles!

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