onedotzero Festival


Written by Hannah Grantz
08 Monday 08th November 2010
In it’s fourteenth year, the moving image and digital arts organization onedotzero, will be holding a festival due to premier on November 10 at BFI Southbank, with special events at the nearby BFI IMAX, before travelling on to 50 other cities across the world. An assortment of interactive installations, short films, workshops, feature films and other eclectic works of art will be available for viewing at this year’s festival. 
In addition to being the director and co-founder, Shane RJ Walter is also a consultant for MTV and winner of awards for both his short films and animations. In 2010 he was listed in The Hospital Club’s list of the most influential people in the creative and media industries. This year he’s planned on the overall theme for onedotzero to be ‘utopian visions’ with a focus on ‘adventure, hope and creative possibility.’ 
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New to this year’s exhibition is the onedotzero_nightfall program, featuring creepy and unique sci-fi and horror entries. 
A free selection of moving image installations will be featured at the OVEI inside the Artrium as well as daily in the foyer of BFI Southbank.
For a complete list of all the onedotzero activities from the 10th-14th as well as information on booking tickets, click here.

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