Written by Heydon Prowse
03 Wednesday 03rd February 2010

Studio Ghibli’s latest film Ponyo was released in Japan in 2008. Only now has it reached these shores – released across the UK from 12 Feb 2010. You may not have heard of the Tokyo Anime Awards but Ponyo won five awards at them last year, including Anime of the year. We sent along a five year-old (who’s “NEARLY SIX!”) to see it and give her discerning five year-old (“NEARLY SIX!”) opinion.

Did you enjoy the film?

Yes because I liked a little fish turning into a human. Because I know in real life that fish aren’t able to do that so I like imagintions.

What was your favourite bit?

My favourite bit was when Ponyo kissed Saski and she turned back into a human, because she said "I will be a human too!" Also my favourite part was when Saski’s mum she was the Spirit of the sea and her dad was a human but who had gills inside him and he fell in love with the spirit of the sea and Ponyo’s dad thought humans were gross coz they ruined the sea they pit rubbish garbage and gross stuff in the sea but Ponyo didn’t think humans were gross coz she wanted to be one.

Was it scary?

No! It was all good in the end, her father realised that humans were good.

Who was your favourite character?

My fav was spirit of the sea, Ponyo’s mother. She was big and beautiful but watch out she could be a bit scary

Would she recommend other kids go see it and if so why?

Yes. Because it’s a really good film, because it doesn’t have too much characters, but this movie only had about a couple and the way they did it the spirit coming up under the boats..... It’s amazing film.

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