Remembering Pete Postlethwaite


Written by Emma Cave
10 Monday 10th January 2011

Pete Postlethwaite OBE – he of the illustrious career and avian features - has sadly died, aged just 64. Tributes have been abundant, yet none have mentioned that Pete had a walk on part in Last of The Summer Wine. In 1978, he played 'Man in Café' and never looked back. So now you know.

Despite this auspicious start, Pete remained oblivious to the temptations of a typical Hollywood career. Consequently, he is fondly remembered as a character actor of the highest order. And during his 35 year career, he's had a number of prestigious roles, some of which are mentioned below - the rest are pure indulgence.

Brassed Off – Danny (1996)
You had to feel sorry for Danny, even though he really didn’t want you to. Eyes bloodshot and bulging, coughing furiously into a coal-stained hanky, he poured every ounce of life he had left (not an awful lot) into the ruddy band. Through unemployment, disappointment and botched suicide attempts, Danny remained resolutely interested in trumpets. What a guy.
The Lost World: Jurassic Park – Roland Tembo (1997)
Notorious bastard Roland Tembo rips through the rainforest, weapons cocked and ready, always secretly hoping he’ll "accidentally" hit a vegetarian. The best character in the film by a country mile, supporting or otherwise - and that’s including the dinosaurs.
The Omen – Father Brennan (2006)
The film itself was universally panned, but Pete brought a much needed sense of reverence to what would otherwise have been a screeching mess. If Father Brennan warned you that the Anti-Christ was a member of your immediate family, would you fall on his mercy or call security?
The Age of Stupid – The Archivist (2009)
Pete was a fervent political campaigner and there aren’t many actors who have both the gravity of tone and lightness of touch to tackle this sort of stuff in the name of entertainment. But he pulled it off.
Romeo & Juliet – Father Laurence (1996)
The only one who could be bothered to speak in iambic pentameter, Father Laurence stole the screen from those stupid teenagers. And strangely enough, that robe really suited him.

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