Robert Harrison Space Images


Written by Chris Wallace
Photos and illustrations by Robert Harrison
29 Monday 29th March 2010

Last Friday I was struck with disbelief when I saw this video. It also excited me about the prospect of creating something of my own. Amateur scientist Roger Harrison managed to obtain images of outer space using a balloon, a basic digital camera, a polystyrene box and his TV antenna. Or what looks like his TV antenna.

Featured on BBC news it estimated that it cost Harrison £500 to make whilst photos taken on space shuttles average about £300 million. I have always imagined NASA to be a massive laboratory with the most gifted scientist. These geniuses would freely roam around in lab coats firing up Bunsen burners with delight.
Man has not been to the moon for over 30 years now and it leaves me wondering what these evidently overpaid individuals do all day long? Harrison has subsequently been contacted by NASA inquiring how is was done. The plucky scientist seems to more interested in encouraging schools to embrace projects like his own for their students. 
Images on his Flickr page shows how he makes the flying devices and some breathtaking images of our planet.

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  • Guest: lech
    Wed 31 - Mar - 2010, 13:51
  • Guest: surrounder
    Mon 29 - Mar - 2010, 13:31
    It's amazing! I can imagine how many followers are about to do the same! Really cool, can't wait to mount my compact camera to the balloon this weekend!!! :D