Written by Marlon Dolcy
15 Monday 15th November 2010
The year 2012 is just around the corner, so to numb ourselves from the impending Mayan doomsday this month the cinema schedules have been menacingly apocalyptic.  Into Eternity focuses on a nuclear waste depository in Finland and what mistakes we should leave behind for a future society. Collapse follows Michael C Rupert’s lament on an economic Armageddon and with Skyline we have Hollywood’s take on the coming apocalypse.
The film follows a couple Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson who are in LA to visit their friend Donald “brown bear” Faison, a shallow man living it up in an LA penthouse. Whilst they stay the night in Faison’s skyline apartment a light attracts one of the inhabitants of the building, like a moth to a flame and he is abducted. It soon becomes apparent that no one is safe from these marauding aliens who are capable of anything including decapitation. It then becomes a fight for survival to see who can stick it out the longest; Close Encounters of the Third Kind this aint.
The expectation of this Hollywood vision was never going to be high, and in this regard it failed to disappoint. Teenagers, mad special effects and ultraviolent aliens were not enough to save it from, dire dialogue, one-dimensional characters and a clichéd and simple story. The problem is that if you make a film in this genre, you have to make it different from the rest somehow. It has to be entertaining and original on which this film fails on both counts. Whereas Cloverfield and District 9 are perfect examples of originality, this film is a perfect example on how to do an X-Factor mash up of Independence Day and Transformers.
What do you expect from the brother’s Strauss though, the guys that brought us Alien Versus Predator Requiem? Having cut their teeth with their special effects vision on films such as Titanic, Volcano and the Nutty Professor, they’ve branched out with their “creative” expertise into directing. Despite all these blatantly obvious flaws, it had its moments. As an Alien horror movie, it did manage to pull out some pretty good frights, its bleak ending was a welcome surprise from a predictable storyline and of course the effects were amazing. If only Justin Bieber was in this movie, it would be a bit more complete.
Skyline is out now on general release.

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