The Human Centipede


Written by Johny Chhetri
02 Monday 02nd August 2010

Last week I got to thinking about a lot of things while I was watching the much-hyped The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Yes that right, ‘First Sequence’, which probably means there’ll be a sequel. And hey presto, with a few searches on the internet apparently there is a sequel on the cards! With it being touted by many as a probable prequel, I started making my own assumptions as to how and why there would actually be a sequel. Read on!

So, Dr. Heiter (the mad bastard) is gone and won’t be able to swim naked in his pool or continue working on his stitching, which is a shame really. I had really high hopes for this series to be the new Saw, which could probably see us witnessing some sick and twisted man-made (and woman-made, literally) anatomy.
But here’s a cunning twist. Think about it. Dr. Heiter was a specialist in separating conjoined twins, right? Well then, what if he also happened to be an ex-conjoined twin himself who then devoted his life to saving the lives of conjoined twins worldwide? Sounds perfect until he goes all crazy with the whole ass-to-mouth thing.
Anyway, back to my cunning twist, what if the other conjoined twin fell out with Dr. Heiter in their mid-20s or something and later receives news of his brother’s death and somehow inherits his brother’s estate? A sequel is born!
Another possibility for a sequel would be for the Japanese man’s son/brother (who could be a teenager…who just happens to be a medical student) finds out about his father’s death and visits the scene of the crime. He then becomes sickened by how his father died and bewildered as to how the centipede came about, thus resulting in him undertaking the work of Dr. Heiter, kinda like that chick does for Jigsaw in the Saw films. Plus what’s a horror film without a wacky Japanese kid?
Anyway, I’m just hoping that one day, we’ll end up seeing a 12-human centipede, no fuck that, A HUMAN DAISY CHAIN with all the colours of the world in this beautiful embodiment of humans really getting to know each other!


Now with all the motions set, The Human Centipede will be set to be this decade’s Saw, and I think I should take all the credit, seeing as I just laid down the blueprints. Send those Razzies my way!

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  • Guest: rascar
    Wed 04 - Aug - 2010, 13:14
    this rant is way better than the human caterpillar film, which was crap.